Make Your Own Play Snow

Do your kiddos love snow, but hate the cold? Even kiddos who are sensitive to temperature will love playing in this snow! This make your own play snow recipe is a fun way to bring the feel of winter indoors without feeling any of the cold at all. Do it at home or in the classroom for hours of sensory fun and play. Use whatever mini erasers you have on hand that are winter themed to make this a small world play adventure that kids will love and play with for hours. Even older kiddos will love playing with this snow, building villages, making a blizzard, and having a blast keeping things cool without having to wear a coat.

This make your own play snow recipe is a fun way to bring the feel of winter indoors without feeling any of the cold at all. A great play dough for winter,


Mini erasers | Baking soda | Corn starch | Play trays 

Create a mix of one part baking soda and one part corn starch. Add just a touch of water, so that when you squeeze the mix together, it holds its shape just a little. Adding the water also makes the snow feel a bit colder.

Pour the snow into a play tray (use one for all the kids to use at once, or give individual trays to each child). Give the kids mini erasers and let them play in the snow. My kids wanted to make a snowy mountain covered in a forest of little mini-eraser trees. The kids played with the snow for over an hour, and once they were done molding and setting up the scene, they made it snow on top of the tray.

This activity is a little messy, so be prepared to sweep or mop up the mess after the kids are done with the activity. Keep the snow away from any furniture so you don’t get white powder over everything in your classroom.

make your own cloud dough recipe sensory activity

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  1. My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students absolutely loved it!! Of course a bit messy on their clothes and the floor but nothing a vacuum and a wash in the laundry can’t cure!