Have you made a snowman before? I know that is sort of a silly question, but for people who live in an area where snow never comes, a real snowman may have never been an option. Whether you have or not, these snowman activities are perfect for helping children learn in exciting, festive ways! I have found my favorite Snowman Themed Activities including math, literacy, art & crafts, sensory and science.

Snowman Themed Activity Ideas For Kids

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More Snowman Activities


If your little one is starting to count or likes to practice, these snowman are perfect for helping. Kids will use their fingerprints to create the correct number of buttons. How Fun!

This super fun activity is perfect for helping with simple addition from 1 to 20. Kids can practice math while building a snowman yet staying warm inside!

Shapes are math all the way. This is a very festive way to help explore shapes. Although this snowman is created with squares, they could easily be created with multiple of any shape!

Kids love playing games and this Snowman Math Game will not only give kids something fun to do but help them with number recognition, formation and possibly even simple math!

There are many different classifications of a number besides just writing the number itself. This snowman number match game is fantastic for helping children learn all the different parts of a number as well as counting!


This ornament is inspired by some of kids’ favorite books: I Spy! These books are great for skill building and they are so fun, as is this super cute ornament!

Do your kids like word searches? This winter one is so fun. Not only is there spaces to color but a bank full of winter words to search for!

Dot to Dots are a fun and hands on way to help kids with letter recognition! You could easily add in beginning sounds as well as the child connects each dot around this cute snowman!

A snowman inside a snow globe is quintessential winter. This snow globe printable is a super fun way to practice abcs!

Art & Crafts

This snowman ornament is a super cute fingerprint idea for kids! This would make a fabulous gift that can be hung all winter long!

TP rolls are one of our favorite recycled material to craft with. This idea includes letting kids create their own snowman in a super cute way!

This is a very inventive snowman craft that would be perfect for older kids! I love that this uses so many different types of craft supplies to make a super cute winter buddy.

A bookmark is a fabulous way to spend time crafting and these snowman bookmarks are so adorable! These will make holding the page in your book even more fun and festive!

This printable activity is perfect for a classroom or individual child. The snowman’s are drawn based on the child’s actual life and details of it. How cool!


This Puffy Paint Melted Snowman might be classified as an art project, but it is filled with sensory aspects too. The puffy paint will feel good on kids’ fingers and be so fun to create with!

Play dough is fun on it’s own, but when you add elements such as these bottle caps to create a snowman it is even more fun! This is great for teaching kids what goes where, counting and of course having fun!

This Simple Snowman Sensory Bin is exactly that, simple! Yet it is so fun and can lead to many hours of pretend play and sensory exploration.

This sensory bottle is perfect for explaining blizzards but also giving little ones something to gaze at. These snowman erasers plus the glitter is so fun!

Stress balls are great for kids and adults alike. These snowman stress balls are so cute and may encourage children to use them even more!


Have you created crystals with borax before? This is a super sparkly and a great science experiment for kids as well as a test of patience!

We make snowmen and they eventually melt, right? But how? This snowman science can help kids understand how the snow and ice actually melt!

No snow outside to play in? Or maybe it’s just too cold. This snow can be made inside and is still super fun to play with! Mixing the ingredients will give your little mad scientists the learning they need too!

Do you and your kids love slime? This is a super cute and slimy way to make a snowman. This would be a fabulous gift for friends!

Can snowman expand? When you include fun science techniques like this one they can!

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