There is something completely adorable and whimsical about a small child in mittens. To see their hands bundled up and ready to brave the cold brings back memories of snowfalls that I believed to be huge as a child (that were probably only a few inches…) It is super cold outside this week, so we decided to bring the mitten activities inside! These mitten matching activities for preschool are so much fun! Shiloh loved the glitter (the non-messy kind!)

winter mittens and snowmen color matching activities

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials Needed for the Mitten Matching Activity:

  • Laminating Supplies
  • Paper Clips
  • Scrap book Paper
  • Brass Fasteners
  • Self adhesive dots
  • Glitter poms

What’s included in the Mitten Matching Activities:

Snowman Mitten Match

To prep: Print the Snowmen mat and cards and Laminate. Then put the clear side of the Velcro Dots in each square on the mat.

To make sure that the Velcro Dots line up, I always attach the two sides together and then press the matching card on top. Otherwise, they rarely match up and that drives me crazy. You can see what I mean in the picture above.

To play: I introduced the activity by attaching one mitten of each color on the snowmen and giving Shiloh the matching mittens. She attached the matching mittens.

Then we did it several more times (she loves anything with velcro!) by removing all of the mittens and attaching them to different snowmen.

3 Mitten Matching Activities for Preschoolers. Learn about colors and making pairs with these fun games!

Mitten Memory Game:

To prep: Print the memory cards on the white side of scrapbook paper. Laminate for durability.

3 Mitten Matching Activities for Preschoolers. Learn about colors and making pairs with these fun games!

To play: With the cards face-down in a rectangle, the first player will turn over two cards. If they match, the child keeps the cards and tries for another match. If they don’t match, it is the next players turn. Play is finished when all the matches have been found. Winner has the most matches.

Spin & Cover Mittens

In Shiloh’s case this should be renamed “Push the spinner to the color I want to cover”. I love that she is starting to understand the connection between spinning & covering the matching object. This is good introduction to taking turns while playing a game.

To prep: Print and laminate the Spin & Cover Game. Use scissors to gently poke a hole at the center of the spinner. Place the paper clip on the paper fastener and slip it into the hole that you created. Open the backing of the paper fastener and tape the “legs” of the brad to the back of the game board to secure it.

To play: Spin the spinner. Cover a picture that matches the mitten that the paper clip landed on. You can play with two players using two colors of game markers or you can just play with one player.

3 Mitten Matching Activities for Preschoolers. Learn about colors and making pairs with these fun games!

We played all of the games in one afternoon while Shiloh ate her after-school snack. It’s important to remember that preschool learning times don’t have to be lengthy to have good results. 5, 10, 15 minutes at a time is great. And even then, the kids should be moving, talking, and definitely feeling like it is play!

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winter mittens and snowmen color matching activities
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  1. A fun winter color matching activity! My group loves using the “sparkly” pom poms on the spinner mat and putting mittens on the snowmen to keep them warm Learning while playing activities are always a hit and I find awesome ideas from your posts. 😀

  2. I need to get some of those velcro dots – this is a wonderful activity for matching pairs and colour work.

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