Process art activities are the best! No rules or specific instructions to follow, just your child’s creativity to guide them in their amazing artwork creations! The addition of bouncy balls to this space art activity for preschoolers makes this an extra exciting activity. Your child will love using their creativity, imagination, and bouncy balls to make an incredible outer space galaxy with this Spaced Themed Bouncy Ball Process Art Activities for Preschoolers.

– Life Over C's Galaxy Process Art for Preschool

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Galaxy Bouncy Ball Painting Art for Preschool

  • Tray
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Paint

This fun craft for kids would pair well with any space themed lesson plans or star and planet books you are reading!

What Are Process Art Projects?

One of the many reasons I love process art is because it is stress free for children!

You simply provide the materials for the arts and crafts activity and leave the rest up to your child.

For this project you need paint and bouncy balls, but the possibilities are really endless for the materials you can use for process art.

Why is Process Art Important for Kids?

Develop a Child’s Creativity: Process art allows the control of the art project creation to be put completely in your child’s hands!

Fine Motor Skills: In early childhood it is really important to develop and strengthen fine motor skills, and process art projects are perfect for doing that.

Create Unique Works of Art: Process art is incredibly beneficial for children because it encourages them to be creative and create their own unique and special work of art.

No Pressure: There is no specific way the art project needs to look when it is finished, all the emphasis is placed on creating art.

– Life Over C's galaxy bouncy ball process art process images

How To Make This Space Bouncy Ball Painting Art Project For Preschool:

– Life Over C's Overhead view of the supplies for the Spaced Themed Bouncy Ball Process Art Activities For Preschoolers.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Bouncy Ball Painting

Process art for your outer space theme

Step 1: Line the inside of your cake pan with the white piece of paper or card stock.

Step 2: Squirt quarter size drops of paint onto the piece of paper. Make sure they are spaced out on the paper.

Step 3: Add glitter or confetti to the paint if you want some extra sparkle in your solar system!

– Life Over C's Glitter added to paint blobs for the space theme bouncy ball process art activity.

Step 4: Place the bouncy balls inside of the pan. Gently tilt the pan from side to side, in a circular motion, or forward and backwards to achieve the desired effect.

– Life Over C's Bouncy balls rolling around in paint for the galaxy theme process art activity.

It is totally up to your child to decide how they want to move the pan in this process art for preschoolers.

Step 6: Watch as a beautiful piece of artwork is created by your child!

– Life Over C's The finished space themed bouncy ball process art activity.

Helpful Hint! If you are planning on displaying this piece of artwork, you will want to use a smaller amount of paint so you don’t saturate the paper too much.

Extend the Activity:

Try New Shapes

Swirl a bouncy ball around on a paper plate with some small dabs of paint on it to create a fun circular space art for a preschool project. You will just want to take it slow so you don’t spill paint everywhere!

Try New Paints

Use watercolor paint to add some fun details to your open ended art activity space for preschoolers or just use watercolors on their own to create another beautiful piece of process art.

Try New Textures

Try lining the cake pan with paper towels instead of paper and see how the texture of the paper towels changes the look of the painting.

Change the Theme

Black, blue, pink, and purple paints make the perfect colors for a space craft for kids, but you can easily change up the colors for a different theme!

Check out other themes we’ve tried!

Fine Motor Skills: After the artwork dries, cut it out in the shape of a circle, star, astronaut, or space shuttle to go along with the outer space theme.

Getting Ready for Your Space Theme?

Stock your library with the BEST Space Books for Kids!

Explore outer space through engaging, multi-sensory books that your kids are just going to LOVE!

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– Life Over C's Galaxy Process Art for Preschool

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