Conversation Heart Counting Cards

Does anyone out there actually eat conversation hearts??!! I know I don’t. But somehow they have become an intrinsic part of our Valentine’s Day celebrations. It’s almost like fruitcake at Christmas! You buy them, you give them away, but I don’t know anyone who actually eats them. So, when you get those conversation hearts that you aren’t actually going to eat, you can do this activity instead! These free printable conversation heart counting cards for 1-10 are a fun way to practice counting!

printable conversation heart counting cards

Materials needed for Conversation Heart Counting Cards:

Paper and/or card stock

Conversation Heart Candies

Laminating pouches and laminator

9 hearts on conversation heart counting cards

To prep: Print and laminate the conversation heart counting cards (download below). These free printable pumpkin counting cards are a great hands-on way to introduce counting to your preschooler! Load up the pumpkin truck with numbers 1-10 and have some math fun this fall!

To use: Have your child cover the pictures of the hearts on the counting cards with the correct number of conversation heart candies.

three hearts on conversation heart counting cards

These cards are perfect to new learners who are not ready for independent counting. The kids simply cover each conversation heart picture on the card as they are counting. That way they know when to stop for each number.

Valentine's day conversation heart counting card featured image

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