Winter learning activities and winter crafts are two perfect opportunities to learn about shapes. Working on a snowman craft? You can talk about the triangle nose, circle eyes, and use some square shapes for buttons. These Winter Theme Free Printable 2D Shape Posters will make a wonderful addition to your winter activities practicing shapes.

If you are a kindergarten or preschool teacher, these snowman winter themed shape posters will make a great classroom decoration or learning resource to accompany your lessons.

– Life Over C's Photo collage showing winter theme shape posters and the recording sheet for an I spy game.

Recommended Grade Level:

Winter Theme Shapes Poster Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies

Learning About Shapes:

Why Should I Teach Shapes:

Shapes may seem like a simple concept to teach, but they are very important!

  • Learning about shapes is a foundational skill for learning more complex geometry skills.
  • Knowing shapes can help little ones identify and learn letters. Circles, triangles, and lines all make up letters and help make them easier for learners to differentiate.
  • Working with shapes can help strengthen problem solving and puzzle skills.
  • Shapes are a great way to begin to develop spatial reasoning skills.
  • Exploring the different attributes of shapes is good practice for paying attention to details.

What Should My Kindergartner Know About Shapes:

Here are some of the skills relating to shapes that kindergarten (and preschool) students can work on:

  • Identifying and describing shapes: Ask your child if they can name a shape and see if they can explain how they know it is that shape.
  • Create shapes by drawing or using art supplies. You can tie this skill in with pretty much any art project you are working on! Foam stickers, pipe cleaners, construction paper, and markers are all excellent supplies to use.
  • Compare 2D and 3D shapes (What is the same about those shapes, what makes them different?)
  • Find objects in the real world and say what 2D shape they resemble.

These 2D Shapes Posters Free Printable include the following shapes:

  • rectangle, circle, rhombus, oval, square, triangle, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, trapezoid, parallelogram, crescent

How To Use These 2D Shapes Poster Printables:

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Print them onto white card stock and laminate them.

There are a couple different poster options in this printable, see below for a description of each option and some ways you can use them!

Full and Half Sheet Posters:

  • Hang the posters and create a 2D shape vocabulary word wall. This will make a great visual resource and reference area for your students as you work on learning about shapes and their attributes.
  • Draw shapes onto post it notes for your learner and have them match them to the poster that shows the same shape. After they master matching the shapes, you can try to work on the words and see if they are able to match them too.
  • Put the posters around the room. Call out the name of a shape and have your child go find that shape.
  • Work on fine motor skills by having your little one trace the shape and the vocabulary word using a dry erase marker.
  • Print two sets of posters and give one set to half of your students and the other set to the rest of the children. Students will then find their match. After they have done this, they can see if they find any other shapes that look similar to their shapes or have the same number of sides. This is a good introduction to comparing shapes.

I See Cards:

  • Print out two sets of these cards and play a memory game with them. Start with the cards face up for a beginner level, and flip them over for a more challenging version.
  • Assemble the pages into a small book and bind it with a ring or plastic binder. As you read shape themed books have your little one see what shapes they can find and check them off in their book.
– Life Over C's All of the free printable Winter Theme Shapes Posters laid out on a blue background.

I Spy Posters:

For easy differentiation, use the one with 6 shapes for younger students, and the one with 12 for those who have already mastered some basic shapes.

  • Give each child a copy of an I Spy poster. Hang the large posters around the room and have them search for them. If you are using them with an entire class, you can make this into an activity during your center rotations so you don’t have too many students moving around the room at one time.
  • Have an indoor shape hunt and search for real life objects that are the same shapes you see on the I Spy posters. When your little one has found a household object or toy they can check off what shape it is. If you get a warm day during the winter months, have an outdoor shape hunt!

More Ways To Use These Shape Posters For The Preschool Classroom:

Here are some more great ideas of how to incorporate these fun shape posters into your learning activities:

  • Use the full or half sheet posters as play dough mats. Create the shape using play dough, and use the poster as a guide.
  • Trace the outline of the shapes using puffy paint. This will provide a raised line for your little one to trace using their finger.
  • Use wiki sticks to trace the outline of the shapes.
  • Create a foam shape sensory bag or sensory bin. Use the posters as a reference while your child is participating in some fun sensory play.
  • Glue cotton balls around the border of your snowman shape for a fun, fluffy detail, and great fine motor skill activity.

Check Out These Other Winter Shape Activities:

  • Kids will love this shape game that you use real snow for!
  • BINGO! Who doesn’t love a super fun game of BINGO? The adorable snowmen face shapes on the board of this free printable 2D Shape Bingo are just an added bonus.
  • These snowman shape play dough mats will provide lots of fun shape practice and help strengthen those little hand and wrist muscles.

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– Life Over C's Photo collage showing winter theme shape posters and the recording sheet for an I spy game.

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