I remember bringing my daughter to the toy store. She could buy anything she wanted with the stipulation that it had to be small enough to fit in the tiny motor home we were living in as we traveled. For what seemed like forever, we wandered the aisles of the store. And then she saw them… Littlest Pet Shop toys. Her eyes flicked back and forth as she tried to decide which ones to get. After all they would be perfect for a small space… I don’t remember exactly what she bought that day, but it started a 9-year collection of all things “Littlest Pet Shop.” This Little Pet Matching Board game is perfect for kids who love Blythe Baxter, Penny Ling, Whittany and Brittany Biskit and all the characters in the Littlest Pet Shop world.

She is having a blast playing with this Pet Matching Board Game with all of her favorite Littlest Pet Shop characters.

pet themed board game for preschool

Recommended Grade Level:

Pet Themed Board Game Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Game Pieces
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scrapbook Paper (optional)

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Learning With Board Games in Preschool



Are you familiar with this adorable toy series? The Littlest Pet Shop 2012 TV Series included an episode called, “A Penny For Your Laughs,” with the lesson that insulting people may be funny to you but it can hurt others’ feelings.

The series is filled with other little life lessons, delivered through adorable pet characters and a protagonist that can communicate with and understand animals.

Whether your kids love these toys or not, this board game is a fun visual discrimination activity that promotes other social skills.

Play it when the kids are bored, when you need a quick time filler, or when the weather keeps you indoors.

There are lots of opportunities for oral language building whenever you play games:

  • What is this character like?
  • Who is your favorite/least favorite pet?
  • What do cats/dogs need to stay healthy?
  • What do the pets like to play?
The perfect game for Littlest Pet Shop loving kids! This free printable pet matching game is so much fun!

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Playing This Pet Matching Game?



My kids have been loving this game and I know yours will too (and you don’t even have to head to the toy store!) We used Littlest Pet Shop cats and Littlest Pet Shop dogs as we played!

  • Taking turns
  • Winning/losing gracefully
  • Comparing/contrasting with eyes
  • Visual acuity/concentration
The perfect game for Littlest Pet Shop loving kids! This free printable pet matching game is so much fun!

Why Is It Important For Kids To Play Board Games?

The Littlest Pet animal board game goes beyond learning about pet characters. Young learners will benefit from playing board games on any topic or theme.

Background Knowledge: Themed board games grow background knowledge on a variety of subjects. In this case, kids will learn about pets.

Language: Board games encourage talking, identifying items with specific vocabulary, and general conversation. It’s an authentic way to practice talking.

Coping Skills: It’s important to teach kids healthy things to do that can soothe anxiety, ease boredom, or just generally add a positive element to the day.

Follow Directions: While each game might have a different set of rules and procedures, game playing in general helps kids learn how to follow directions, steps, and rules.

How to Make the Little Pet Matching Board Game

Preparing the Board Game:

This game is super easy to prepare!

Print the Littlest Pet Shop game board on paper or card stock. Then print 2 copies of the cards on the white side of scrapbook paper (so they aren’t see-through.)

Then laminate all the pieces for durability and cut out the cards.

How to Play the Pet Board Game

Place your marker on the “Start” space before the first eagle. Place all the cards upside-down on the “Card Draw Pile.”

Choose a player to go first.

The player will draw a card from the pile and identify the character on the card. Then the player will move his game marker to the next space that matches that character.

To win by landing on the last cat, a player MUST draw a cat from the pile.

More Ways to Use the Pet Board Game:

Sorting: Mix up all the game cards, then sort them by pet. Mix it up by changing the sort characteristics: color/size/shape/etc.

Memory: Use two of each pet card and lay them out upside down in a grid to play the classic memory match game.

Go Fish: The small cards are perfectly sized for little hands. Use them for a round of Go Fish!

pet themed board game for preschool
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