Addition facts to 10 and beyond are KEY in first and second grade! What do your students need to reach that lofty goal? Plenty of no-prep addition games and activities to practice, practice, practice! They will reach automaticity with math center games that are fun and engaging, without a flash card in sight! I created a Free Addition Facts Game to help your students and homeschoolers attain addition fluency to 10. All you need to do to prep this math learning center game is print, laminate, and cut apart the cards. You’re welcome!

school theme addition board game
This free printable addition game is a great way to practice adding to 10!

1st Grade or 2nd Grade Math Game

To prep:

The addition to 10 game is easy to prepare!

The printable math game board is best printed on laminated paper or card stock. Then print the cards on the white side of scrapbook paper (so they aren’t see-through).

Finally, laminate all the pieces for durability and cut out the addition math fact cards.

To play:

Play in small groups, or place the easy-prep math game at the match center for independent or partner practice.

Place your marker on the “Start” pencil holder. Place all the cards upside-down on the “Card Draw Pile.”

Choose a player to go first.

The player will draw the top card from the pile and move to the first space with the matching picture, or choose a number to answer the fact. Play continues to the next player.

This free printable addition game is a great way to practice adding to 10!

If a player lands on an arrow, follow the arrow to the new space.

If an “apple” card is drawn, the player will head to the closest apple space, even if it is behind him.

This free printable addition game is a great way to practice adding to 10!

To win by landing on the last 10, a player MUST draw a card that equals 10 from the pile.

Please note: This game only covers facts that add from 5-10 because they are the more challenging addition facts. Since I made this for a 1st grade math review or 2nd grade review game, I didn’t want to include problems like 1+1.

This is a great math facts to 10 game for reviewing before progressing into double-digit addition and addition with re-grouping. Kids need to have a strong understanding of addition and subtraction math facts before going further so that they don’t get frustrated by always needing to figure the basic math facts.

While memorization of random facts isn’t the best way to learn most subjects, math facts are an exception. After kids have an understanding of the “Why” behind addition, it really is necessary to memorize the facts with daily math review.

Moving forward, skip counting, finding number patterns, making number connections, word problems and other problem-solving math worksheets will be easier.

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school theme addition board game
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