Matching colors is so much fun with this free matching color activity for preschoolers. While my daughter is quite a pro at matching colors, she is still learning to name the colors consistently. Using color matching and color sorting activities for preschoolers allows me to see her progress easily and find out what colors she is still struggling with (like purple and orange). Get the Free Color Matching Fishbowl Printable for Preschoolers to help your students or children learn to identify and name all of the colors!

Kids will love fishing for the color matches with this simple color matching fishbowl printable for preschoolers!

To prep: Print and laminate the preschool color activity, including the fishbowl mat and the colored fish. Use a paper trimmer (or scissors) to cut out the fishbowl mat. I have been using my Fiskars paper trimmer for several years and I LOVE it!

Kids will love fishing for the color matches with this simple color matching fishbowl printable for preschoolers!

Cut apart the primary colored fish. Then, cut small pieces of magnets from a magnet strip roll. Attach one piece to each of the four corners of the fishbowl mat and to the back of the color recognition fish.

Attach the fishbowl mat color game onto a cookie sheet or a magnet board.

Create a simple magnet board using a cookie sheet. Then attach any activity to it using magnet stickers. Works perfectly with this color matching fishbowl activity.

Put the colored fish into a small sensory bin for children to sort and find. We used sensory bin fillers like blue colored rice that we had on hand from our ocean activities and a small plastic box. This is a great activity for toddlers, too.

We created a ‘fishing pole’ with a ruler, string and a book ring to use with this fun color game for preschoolers. Use whatever stick, string and metal object you have on hand. Learning colors in preschool should be engaging.

Don’t want to create a sensory bin for your preschooler? You can also put the fish on the sides of the cookie sheet (or directly on the table if you want to skip the magnets altogether.)

But honestly, teaching colors is not just for young children! My 9 year old saw her sister catching the fish on her pole and begged to do the color matching activity too. I sense some multiplication and division matching activities coming up very soon….

No matter which way you want to use it, this free color matching sensory activity is so much fun for the kids! Turn the fish mat color matching for preschoolers game into a sorting game with colored pom poms, blocks, buttons, or gems.

Extend the learning with a science experiment on color mixing. The possibilities are endless and this is just one fun way to explore all the colors of the world!

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