Printable Spring Themed Brain Break Dice

We’ve all been there, you’ve been teaching your kids or students for a while now and you can see the restlessness meter rising. Like there’s no more sitting, they need to move. You know what I’m talking about, right? Strengthening gross motor skills is just as important as ABC’s and 123’s! With this printable set you can bring Spring into your classroom or home in a super productive way. So print these Spring Themed Brain Break Dice and get moving!

Spring brain break dice for preschool and kindergarten. Great for easy brain breaks throughout the day.

Printable Spring Themed Brain Break Dice

This need to move happens to me too. Does it for you? Long meetings or working at a desk for too long, I get the urge to move and I can easily get antsy. Moving is the only thing that will help.


What Are Brain Breaks?

Brain breaks are exactly how they sound: a break for your brain. When anyone is required to focus on one task for a long period of time, our brains get tired. For children this can happen incredibly quickly, even in less than 15 minutes. Kids are not meant to sit still for too long.

Brain breaks fan help, though. They are simple and fun movements that help a child’s brain take a break. It gets the blood flowing which reduces tiredness and increases brain awareness. Brain breaks can help increase energy for anyone, especially children.

There are a lot of great  videos on YouTube with silly songs to dance to that make perfect brain breaks, but if you need a quick and spontaneous activity, these pet themed brain break activities are great to have on hand.

 Free printable brain break activity for spring.

Items Needed For This Brain Break Activity

Differentiated Instruction Cube | Paper | Scissors

The prep for this activity is easy. There are three options for the dice itself.

First we have a large, color set that will fit inside a Differentiated Instruction Cube. You can cut each piece out and slide into the cube and begin playing. We also have a black and white version of this as well.

Free printable brain break activity for spring. Perfect for kindergarten.

If you do not have a differentiated instruction cube, we have also included a printable dice.

How To Play:

You can either roll the dice or a child can. When the dice stops rolling, read the object and movement that the dice tells you. We have included:

Fall Like Rain
Grow Like A Flower
Crawl Like A Caterpillar
Blow Like The Wind
And more.

Pretend to blow like the wind with this free printable brain break dice activity for kindergarten.

When Should I Use Brain Breaks For Kids?

Brain breaks are perfect for anytime of a child’s day. Anytime you can see that children need a break from focusing, needs to get some wiggles out or even just if they are bored. Some of our favorite times to use the Spring Themed Brain Break are:

  • Circle Time
  • After small groups and centers
  • Indoor Recess
  • After Lunch To Refocus
  • Transitions Between Subjects

Free printable spring brain brain activity for kindergarten. Also great for preschool and 1st grade.

Get the Spring Brain Break Cube Here

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