Just like April showers bring May flowers, I am bringing you some adorable preschool spring shapes printables! Spring is the perfect time to work on teaching basic shapes for preschool. These Free Printable Spring Theme Posters Shape Activities for Preschool are eye catching and a bright, colorful way to help your child learn about shapes.

Free Spring Shape Posters Printables

Children love shapes and these free printable shapes for preschoolers posters are full of fun activities to help kids learn about them!

Even if your spring math curriculum does not include teaching about shapes, you can still add these fun, colorful spring printable posters to your classroom decor for a review of the concept.

Why Should I Teach My Preschooler Shapes?

  • Kids learning about shapes is a foundational skill for geometry.
  • Having a basic understanding of shapes helps to improve spacial reasoning skills.
  • Shapes and lines are the building blocks of letters and numbers. Being able to recognize and describe shapes is a great tool for pre-readers to have as they learn to read and write the letters of the alphabet.

The shapes included on these posters are rectangle, circle, rhombus, oval, square, triangle, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, trapezoid, parallelogram, and heart.

How To Use These Shape Posters For Preschoolers:

Print the posters onto white card stock and laminate them.

Poster options in this packet of printable preschool shapes for kids:

  • full sheet shape posters
  • half sheet shape posters
  • half sheet “I See” shape posters
  • two “I Spy” spring shape activity sheets (one with 12 shapes and one with 6 shapes)
Overhead view of the spring theme posters shape activities printables.

There are many different ways to incorporate these posters into your shapes lesson plans for preschool. They can be used for math centers, fine motor activities for kids, and fun shape scavenger hunts!

The spring theme posters shape activities printables cut out.

Here are some fun ideas for each poster type!

Full and Half Sheet Posters:

These full sheet posters make great wall decorations for springtime learning. The yellow and orange flowers are a perfect compliment to a spring color scheme. Since there are two different sizes, you can choose the one that fits your room the best!

Assemble the full or half sheet posters into a book and use it for a shape reference, or fun shape book for your child.

Half Sheet “I See” Posters:

Compile the half sheet “I See” Posters into a small book. It can be a great little book to take in the car or toss in your purse and pull out when you need a fun, quick activity to keep your child busy.

When put together as a book, the “I See” posters also make a wonderful emergent reader. The repetitive and predictable text makes it perfect for beginning readers.

“I Spy” Pages:

There are two different “I Spy” activity pages to choose from. One contains 6 pictures of basic shapes, and the other includes all 12 shapes.

A child completing the

Pick whichever “I Spy” page best fits your child and their knowledge of shapes. For children just starting out with their shape knowledge begin with the 6 shape paper and as they learn more shapes and become more comfortable you can switch to the 12 shape paper.

Here are some examples of activities you can do with the “I Spy” page:

A child pointing at a spring theme shape poster that says
  • Hang the half or whole sheet shape posters around your classroom or your home and your child can walk around and find the matches. They can mark them off their “I Spy” page as they find them.
  • Have a shape hunt around the house. As your child finds toys and objects that are the shapes that match the shapes on their paper they can check them off.
  • Take the “I Spy” paper outside and have a nature shape hunt.
  • During circle time, read aloud with a book about shapes. For a fun listening comprehension activity, children can check off the shapes they hear mentioned or see in the illustrations.

Other Ways To Use These Spring Shapes For Preschoolers:

  • Slip the papers into a clear plastic sleeve or laminate them. Use a dry erase marker to make an easy shape tracing worksheet.
  • Add play dough to a create some fun hands on learning activity with shapes. Can your little one create 2d shapes with the play dough? How about 3d shapes?
  • Use craft sticks to form the shapes.

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