As we wrap up the Christmas holiday season and you take down your kid’s crafts and decorations, you may be in search of some new decor for your home or classroom. Printable color posters for your classroom or home are an easy way to brighten up your walls and introduce some new vocabulary to your preschooler. Free Printable Color Word Posters In Spanish and English for Valentine’s Day will make the perfect addition to any print rich environment you create in your classroom or home.

Recommended Grade Level:

Valentine’s Day Color Posters Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Crayons or Markers

These free printable color posters in Spanish and English for Valentine’s Day are great for English Language learners, bilingual students, or any child who has an interest in learning a foreign language!

Creating A Print Rich Environment:

One of the best ways to help children develop vocabulary and literacy skills is to create a print rich environment.

In a print rich environment children are surrounded by letters, words, and reading materials.

Repetition is key for little ones learning to recognize letters and read words. The more preschoolers see letters, the more likely they are to remember them.

Creating a print rich environment is the perfect way to make sure that children continuously see letters and words.

How To Create A Print Rich Environment:

  • Display colorful classroom posters with pictures and vocabulary words.
  • Keep plenty of books out and easily accessible by kids.
  • Make an interactive word wall.
  • Create labels for household and classroom objects.
  • Hang poems and short stories on walls or bulletin boards.

Fun and Easy Ways To Teach Colors:

Colors are all around us, which makes it a super easy concept to practice with preschoolers. Here are some fun and easy ways to work on colors with your preschooler:

  • Coloring books and color by number worksheets can be the perfect way to work on fine motor skills and practice colors at the same time!
  • Mixing paint during art time is a wonderful way to explore colors and how they can be mixed together to make different colors (primary and secondary colors!).
  • “I Spy” is the perfect game to play to practice colors. The best thing about it is it doesn’t require any special supplies and you can play practically anywhere! Whether you are in the car, play room, outside for a walk, or waiting in the doctor’s office you can play a quick and fun game to practice colors.
  • Make colors part of daily choices. Would you like to use the red cup or the blue cup? Do you want to wear a purple shirt or a green shirt today? Do you want to bring your brown bear or your yellow giraffe with you?
  • Sing songs and make up rhymes about colors.

What’s Included In These Valentine’s Day Colors Posters:

One of the best things about these Valentine Color Posters is that they are super versatile and there are so many different ways to use them.

There are two different sets of posters, one for English as the primary language and one for Spanish as the primary language.

Also included in this poster packet are half page “I See” color posters and an “I Spy” coloring page.

Each of the “I See” and “I Spy” pages comes in an English and Spanish option.

These are great resources for teachers of English Language Learners and any parent or teacher who wants to introduce their child to a foreign language.

How To Use These Free Color Posters For Classroom and Home:

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Print them onto white card stock and laminate them. The adorable color scheme for Valentine’s Day makes these the perfect wall decoration poster design for the holiday.

In addition to hanging these posters on the wall, there are numerous other ways to use them!

Valentine's day color posters for classroom or homeschool

Matching Activities:

Mix up the posters and pass them out to all of the students. Children with the matching poster stand beside one another after they have found their match.

You can make matches with same language words (English to English and Spanish to Spanish) or different language words (English to Spanish and Spanish to English).

Create a fun and easy large memory game by putting the posters face down onto the floor. Children take turns flipping two cards over at a time until they have found a match. This can be adapted into a one player game as well.

Green heart poster with text that says I see a green heart.

Create a Color Book:

After printing and laminating the “I See” pages, use a hole punch to make a hole in the top left corner of all the half sheet pages.

Use a book binder ring to attach all the pages into a book.

Children can use the book as a fun color reference book, as an emergent reader.

Stack of color posters for Valentine's Day

Musical Colored Hearts:

This game is a super fun twist on musical chairs that will get your kids up and moving.

Spread the heart posters out on the floor into the shape of a circle. Provide a little bit of space between each poster.

Students form a circle around the circle of posters and walk or dance around the posters while music is played.

Once the music stops, everyone must stand on a color poster. Children then take turns sharing what color they are on.

For an elimination style game, make sure you take away one poster after every round. Anyone who doesn’t have a poster to stand on after the music has stopped is “out” until the next game starts.

I spy coloring page to match the color posters

More “I Spy” Page Ideas:

  • Spin a color wheel or color palette wheel, once the spinner has landed on a color have students find the color on their “I Spy” page and color it in.
  • Have a color hunt around the room, as each child finds an object they can identify the color and check it off of their page.
  • Read a story about colors, or a regular story that has colorful pictures. As you read, have your child hunt for colors and color them in on their “I Spy” page as they find them in the story.
  • Take your color hunting outside. You can be specific and see what color flowers you can find (red roses, yellow dandelions, purple tulips, white roses, etc…) or you can do a big backyard hunt and search for any color and kind of nature!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

Valentines Day Color Posters with I Spy Game
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