This “Old Maid” styled game will have your students building their sight word fluency without feeling like work! Students will try to build pairs of words and the one with the odd frog is odd man out! The student with the most pairs wins.

frog sight word game

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Fry’s 1st 100 Words Frog Card Game

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Paper Cutter

Fry’s First 100 Card Game: Odd Frog

Super simple and easy to implement. You can select the level of words that your students need to work on from the Fry’s 1st 100 Sight Words list.

To prepare the game, select two pages of sight words that you want to review. You will need 4 copies of each page. I recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating for durability. You will also need one copy of page 4.

odd frog card game

To Play:

Deal all the cards to the players. There may be an odd number of cards.

Each player should look at their cards and find any pairs they have. Lay the pairs down on the table. If you have 3 of one card, you may only lay down 2.

Choose a player to start. The player will choose any card from the player on his right. If it makes a pair with a card he has, he can lay the pair on the table.

Then, he will allow the person on his left to choose a card from his hand.

Play continues until all possible pairs are made. The person who has the odd frog loses.

The player with the most pairs wins.

This is a fantastic game for partners or for a small group in the classroom. This is also a fun game to play at home.

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