What a great bunch of activities the 2nd grade blogging team has this week! We’re having lots of fun with a leaf theme, so all of our activities have a sweet taste of fall in them. The leaves started falling off the huge tree in our front yard this week, so I anticipate lots of leaf piles in the very near future! Until then we’re working on subtracting with ten-frames in a fun leaf theme this week. This only covers subtracting within 10, so it’s a review activity for 2nd grade, but good practice before jumping into double-digit subtraction in the next couple weeks.

This free subtraction with ten-frames activity is great for practicing subtraction within 10. Lots of fun with the cute leaves!

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Free Printable Subtraction Ten-Frame Mats

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Leaf Manipulatives

To prep: Print and laminate the activity. Cut apart the leaves and the subtraction cards. (If you are using leaf manipulatives such as the gems or buttons, you can discard the printed version of the leaves.)

To use: Have your child choose a subtraction card. Then have her demonstrate the subtraction problem using the leaves.

This free subtraction with ten-frames activity is great for practicing subtraction within 10. Lots of fun with the cute leaves!

First, place the total number of leaves into the ten frame and then remove the number of leaves necessary to show the subtraction problem.

Then, write the problem on the recording sheet with the correct answer.

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fall leaves subtraction ten frame mat math activity
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