Gingerbread Emotions BINGO Game for Preschool

BINGO is a fun childhood game that everyone can enjoy! This gingerbread emotions BINGO for preschoolers will keep your kids entertained while learning about expressing emotions. It goes great with our Emotions Board Game.

If you’re looking for a new way to help teach your child about emotions then you’ll love this gingerbread emotions BINGO free printable game. It’s fun for all ages, but predominately it’s a great way to teach younger children about emotions.

Free printable gingerbread Emotions BINGO game for preschoolers, pre-k and kindergarteners. Gingerbread faces showing emotions.

Using Games for Teaching Kids about Emotions

It’s hard to tell people how you are feeling when you’re a preschooler who can’t quite place the name of an emotion with what is going on in his thoughts.

That’s why using games for teaching kids about emotions is a great way to help them learn how to express those feelings.

Games like this gingerbread emotional BINGO printable are perfect for learning about emotions with your child at a young age.

Playing games that teach emotions will help your child have a higher level of emotional intelligence, so that they’re better able to be a child who can express his or her feelings in the future.

As you play this gingerbread emotions BINGO game with your kids discuss what each emotion feels like.

Talk about the facial expressions and feelings we get inside whenever one of these emotions featured on the BINGO cards is felt.

While your child works to match the emotion with the facial expression they’ll have fun learning emotions. After playing gingerbread emotions BINGO a few times your children will have started to master recognizing the facial expressions associated with emotions like sad, surprised, excited and many others.

Prep and Play Gingerbread Emotions BINGO

Take a second to print the gingerbread emotions BINGO cards and chips. I highly recommend that you laminate the BINGO cards and game pieces to get multiple uses out of one printing session.

Once you’ve laminated or covered your gingerbread emotions BINGO card with a dry-erase pouch, it’s time to start playing gingerbread emotions BINGO with your kids.

Play Gingerbread emotions BINGO game

How to Play

Give each child a gingerbread emotions BINGO card and some tokens that they can place whenever an emotion is shared by the BINGO announcer.

As your child works to place tokens such as a mini eraser, like the ones used in my mini eraser counting grid printables, they’ll know when they have won the game by getting three in a row.

A child who gets three emotions in a row with their tokens placed on their gingerbread emotions BINGO card yells “BINGO” and then their card is checked.

Play Gingerbread emotions BINGO game

Additional Ideas for Playing the Gingerbread Emotions BINGO Game

  • Get a few rewards in a basket so that your child can choose a winning reward each time they get BINGO.
  • Instead of using the gingerbread emotions BINGO cards to show the emotion to your child during gameplay, you could make the facial expressions.
  • As you make the facial expression for each emotion, have the children call out what emotion you’re showing so that every child knows which emotion to mark off on their BINGO card.

Continue gameplay until the children have had enough, but I forewarn you BINGO is a blast and your children may not want to quit playing!

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  1. I cannot wait to play the gingerbread bingo game with my 4 year old class. Emotions is a overall year theme for our entire preschool. I would like to do role playing and have the children cover the correct emotion. Thank you!!!