50+ Super Fun Food Themed Hands On Activities

Food is everywhere. It is essential for our lives, it tastes good (or bad), it’s fun to make and it is a great theme for teaching various topics to kids. These 50+ activities all have a food theme. Some activities may be edible others use food in different ways.

Create a hands-on food unit study with these fun activities and printables! From gardens to food groups kids will love these food activities! Science, math, literacy, sensory and more!

The activities include Math, Literacy, Crafts, Sensory, & Science. These are all super fun food related activities that would work well in the classroom, small groups, or at home. Grab a snack, though, browsing this might make you hungry.

Food Themed: Math

Food Themed: Literature

Food Themed: Crafts

Food Themed: Science

Food Themed: Sensory

food theme activities featured image

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