Isn’t popcorn so fascinating? What starts out as a hard corn kernel will eventually be a fluffy, bouncy yet crunchy snack that can sometimes even be healthy for you!  We love popcorn in our house. For movie nights, snacking while doing homework, and we also like to include it in our activities too! Popcorn is amazing.

We have shared a few activities involving popcorn but wanted to do more, so we went on a search. We found some pretty fascinating ideas that combine could create a fabulous Popcorn Unit Study. We can’t wait to try some of these activities! Take a look.

Harness your kids' love for popcorn with a fun popcorn unit study! Popcorn themed activities for science, math, STEM, literacy, art and much more!!

Ideas For A Popcorn Unit Study

Popcorn Theme: Math

Popcorn Theme: Literacy

Popcorn Theme: Arts & Crafts

Popcorn Theme: Sensory

Popcorn Theme: Science

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