Fun Farm Animal Snacks Your Kids Will Love!

Farm animal themes are so much fun for your preschool classroom or with your preschoolers at home. Farm animals are typically the first animals that kids learn and making the sounds is one of the cutest things young kids do! One of my daughters called cows ‘moo’ for a solid two years…lol! All of these farm animal themed snacks are the perfect addition to your preschool activities. And some of them are farm themed activities disguised as snacks! (Can it get any better than that?)

Preschool farm theme snacks to go with farm activities in your preschool classroom.

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Farm Animal Themed Snacks For Kids

We might tell our kids not to play with their food, but when it comes to cute farm activities like this farm animal counting game it’s a must! We love this farm animal cracker counting game! It’s a great way to combine math with snack time.

The Horizons Organic Farm animal crackers are so adorable. (Wouldn’t they be fun to use as cows jumping over the moon too???? hmm…. inspiration is snacking striking.

Cows on the Farm Counting game for preschoolers! Kids love it when learning time is also snack time! Kids can count the correct number of cow crackers as the roll the dice.

Judging by the responses on my farm animal pattern blocks IG post, I know I’m not the only one who best captures a kid’s attention when they have food in their mouth.

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Please tell me that I am not the only one who uses toys and educational activities to get my child to sit at the table long enough to actually eat 😜🤣 Honestly though, this was a great alternative to having her watch Netflix while she eats and her mood was a lot better when we needed to transition and head to school. You can grab the farm animal pattern mats that we used here: #momwin #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram #teach #teacherlife🍎 #homeschool #preschoolactivities #preschool #prekteacher #prek #specialeducation #occupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapist #finemotor #finemotorskills #finemotorskill

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I have a special attachment to pigs (even though they stink something awful…) since my grandparents had a pig farm when I was a child an I have fond memories of accompanying them to the State Fair to show pigs with them.

If you have kids who love pigs too, this Pig Rice Cake is is a super cute and semi-healthy farm snack for preschoolers.

If you want a quick farm themed snack that you can prep ahead of time and the kids can serve independently, this Popcorn Corn on the Cob snack and craft is perfect for that! Or let the kids create it as a fun fun themed craft!

Graham crackers are a yummy treat, even for toddlers. These Sheep Graham Crackers are fun! This chicken popcorn bag is also super cute!

Sometimes we have to make veggies look more exciting than they already are, especially for kids. I am in love with this Farmers’ Market Veggies idea!

Farm themed snacks for preschool snack time.

Chocolate covered pretzels are fun to decorate and super easy to make. Kids will love making these Pretzel Stick Farm Animals.

Do you need a sweet treat? These Marshmallow Chicks are beyond adorable and if you like marshmallows, they will be delicious!

Pig rice cake farm snacks for preschoolers, farm cupcake snack idea for kids, haystack easy farm snack for preschool

If you are a cupcake type of person, these Sheep cupcakes are where it’s at. They look delicious!

Every farm needs hay, and rice krispies are the perfect way. These Rice Krispie Hay Bales need to be on your farm!

Kix cereal birdie
Pig Cupcake
No Bake Horse Cookies

Horse sandwich cookies, sheep graham cracker snacks and sheep cupcakes.

Some of our favorite activities that we have done have been ones that are farm animal themed!

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