These 101 food activities for kids are sure to capture the attention of all your kiddos! Explore food math activities, literacy activities, science, sensory, art and more! Got hungry kids? No worries, just choose from our huge selection of edible food activities for preschoolers, kindergarteners and even early elementary!

Math Food Activities for Kids

Counting to 10

Mixed Fruit Counting Activities

Hands-on counting activities are crucial in preschool education as they transform abstract numbers into tangible experiences. Using materials like beads, clips or mini erasers enhances fine motor skills and deepens understanding of number relationships and basic math.

– Life Over C's Counting to 10 is fun with these fruit themed counting cards

Free Printable Fruit Themed Counting Cards for Preschool

Decompose a fruit salad by sorting and counting different types of fruit onto colorful cards.

Fruit Counting Play Dough Mats

A pre-k classroom isn’t complete without play dough! Kids will love practicing number formation on these fruit-themed mats.

– Life Over C's Fruit counting activities for preschool math centers. Count to 10 with puzzles and clip cards.

Free Printable Fruit Counting Activities

Learn about an important food groups while strengthening fine motor skills and number recognition with fun count and clip activities.

Watermelon Counting Activities

A watermelon theme carries you from summer to the school year, OR sneak it in at the end of the year when everyone’s wishing for summer.

– Life Over C's The number three and four counting cards with traceable number words.

Watermelon Counting Summer Preschool Math Activity

Watermelon 10-frame mats are a great way for kids to practice building numbers up to 10.

Watermelon Fine Motor Counting Activity

Place any small objects onto the watermelon slices to practice number recognition and counting. And then serve watermelon for snack time!

– Life Over C's Use this free printable counting activity in your kindergarten math centers. Perfect for a summer or fruit theme.

Free Watermelon Printable Roll and Count Simple Math Game

This fun food game offers practice with so many important math skills like recognizing numerals on dice, counting, and number formation.

Watermelon Number Puzzles for Kids

Cut apart the number strips to make puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers to practice number order again and again.

Watermelon Counting Google Slides & Seesaw

Want no prep? Digital resources are a great way to mix up your lessons. Instructions included on each slide, just count the seeds and select the correct numeral.

Watermelon Counting Activity for Kids

This watermelon counting activity is sure to engage young hands. Children will love counting as they push “seeds” into the box.

More Food Theme Counting Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Whether you’re looking to spice up a long winter, or tying into a unit on food and nutrition, these counting activities are simply engaging. It puts the fun in math like nothing else!

– Life Over C's Free printable chocolate chip counting activity for preschoolers.

Free Printable Chocolate Chip Counting Cards

Chocolate chip counting cards provide an amazing sensory experience on top of math skills. Cards include numerals and number words.

Free Printable Hot Chocolate Counting Mats 1-10

Use the hot chocolate themed counting mats to practice counting and number recognition up to 10.

Marshmallow Counting Mats for Preschool 1-10

Senses will be activated with these counting/play dough mats! Kids will count, shape numbers, and probably sneak a bite from the bowl.

– Life Over C's Dragon and taco counting activity for preschool math centers. Pairs perfectly with Dragons Love Tacos book.

Printable Preschool Counting Grids for Dragons Love Tacos

This activity pairs math with food choices and a great book! Kids will love counting mini tacos as they learn numbers to 20.

– Life Over C's 100 grid counting activity for preschool pizza mini erasers fine motor counting game for pre-k

Free Pizza Mini Eraser Counting Grids For Preschool

Nutritional activities and math go hand in hand! Choose your kids favorite foods and run with it. Kids love to practice counting when it’s as delicious as pizza.

– Life Over C's Chocolate chip counting grids I can count to 100, I can count to 20, I can count to 10 with chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip Counting Grids for Preschool

This 100 grid is a great way for kids to practice counting all the way up to 100!

– Life Over C's Free printable hide and seek game. hide an apple pie behind a ten-frame card and have the kids guess where the pie is hiding.

Apple Hide and Seek Ten-Frame Counting Game

Promote healthy eating habits and work on subitizing at the same time with this fun hide and seek game.

Free Marshmallow Counting Mats for Preschool 11-20

Learning numbers beyond 10 requires lots of practice. The marshmallow mats make it fun and engaging for kids!

– Life Over C's These free printable popcorn counting mats are so adorable! What a fun way to practice counting 1-10! And you can serve snack at the same time!

Free Printable Popcorn Counting Cards

Count and crunch popcorn as you draw a card, read the numeral, and place popcorn on each one. Use the cards to put numbers in order, or for other counting games as well.

Dragons and Tacos Counting Activities for Preschool Math Centers

Practice numbers to 6, or use a multi-sided die to go beyond. Roll, count, then write each number in numeral or word form. There are lots of variations.

– Life Over C's Free printable Chocolate Chip counting printable for preschoolers.

Chocolate Chip Roll and Count Activity (English & Spanish)

Even picky eaters will love this dessert themed game! Roll the yummy die, count mini cookies onto the plate and write each numeral.

– Life Over C's Practice counting to 20 and counting to 10 with these free printable apple math games for preschoolers.

Free Printable Apple Counting Grids for Preschoolers

This colorful apple grid is a great way to practice rolling, identifying dot patterns, and then counting to 20.

Marshmallow Roll and Count Game for Preschoolers

Practice addition with this yummy new food themed game. Kids will roll, count, roll again, count again and then make an addition equation before counting to find the sum.

– Life Over C's Get preschoolers excited about counting with this fun cupcake counting grid game set that goes perfectly with Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes! Practicing counting skills is so much fun when you play a math game!

Free Printable Cupcake Counting Grids for Preschool

Engage kids with a fun book, then guide them to different topics like counting. Just place small objects onto the mat as you count orally.

Preschool Restaurant Theme Printable Counting Mats

Bring “tricky teens” to mealtime with fry-themed counting mats that are sure to entice young learners.

– Life Over C's Cows on the Farm Counting game for preschoolers! Kids love it when learning time is also snack time! Kids can count the correct number of cow crackers as the roll the dice.

How Many Cows on the Farm Counting Game

Learn about nutrition and where healthy food comes from with farm-themed activities. This one focuses on counting and one-to-one correspondence.

– Life Over C's The number ten counting card with sunflower seeds.

Free Printable Sunflower Seed Counting Cards 1-10

Sunflower cards keep kids engaged while practicing counting and number recognition to 10. The more counting fluency kids gain, the better.

Sorting and Matching

Sorting and matching activities are vital in preschool as they develop essential cognitive skills. Children learn classification, logical thinking, and problem-solving. Sorting hones observational skills, while matching enhances memory and pattern recognition. Additionally, these activities promote language development as children discuss similarities and differences, laying a foundational understanding of the world around them.

– Life Over C's 3 fruit matching games. Fruit memory game, fruit grid game, and fruit clip cards for preschool.

3 Free Printable Fruit Matching Games

Build matching skills with these three fun printable matching activities for preschool.

– Life Over C's Fruit sorting game for preschoolers. Sort colors with preschoolers.

Fruit Matching and Sorting Games for Preschool

Fruit themed sorting activities and matching games for preschoolers. Use them during a grocery store unit, healthy food unit or throughout the year just for fun!

Food Theme Shape Activities for Kids

Mom always says to eat your veggies and fruits! And these activities make them look delicious. Who knows how many picky eaters will step out of their comfort zones after completing these fun activities.

– Life Over C's Learn about 2D Shapes with this free printable fruit matching game for kindergarten.

Fruit Themed 2D Shape Matching Game

Matching shapes to real-world fruit is a great way for kids to make important connections while honing visual acuity.

– Life Over C's These shape games for kindergarten are a great way to review shapes during your Christmas theme! These adorable gingerbread activities make learning shapes so much fun!

Free Printable Gingerbread Shapes Activities

Work on fine motor with the spinner while matching and naming shapes with this gingerbread themed shape game. Make it 2-player for social skills as well.

Ice Cream Play Dough Shape Mats

These play dough mats are fabulous for fine motor exercise and shape recognition! If they don’t inspire a trip to the ice cream parlor, nothing will.

Lemonade Theme Free Printable 2D Shape Posters

A refreshing lemonade theme is a great way to pique interest while learning important shape names and characteristics.

Free Apple Theme Preschool 2D Shapes Poster Printable

Keep your shapes posters interesting by changing the theme all year long as kids get better and better at naming and describing them.

Shape Matching Activity

Shapes are all around us! Learn about veggies, cheese, fruits and more with this fun food shape matching activity.

Food Theme Pattern Activities for Kids

Teaching preschoolers to recognize and extend patterns enhances their foundational understanding of sequencing and logic. This skill fosters cognitive development, improves problem-solving abilities, and prepares them for more advanced mathematical concepts in the future.

– Life Over C's fruit theme pattern activities for kindergarten ABB pattern mats with fruit pictures

Preschool Fruit Theme Fun Pattern Activities

Leveled pattern mats with a fun fruit theme: AB ABB, AAB, and ABC patterns for kids.

Donut Continue AB Patterns for Google Slides & Seesaw

Need a last minute activity? Digital activities are easy to pull up! Continue the patterns by clicking and dragging the appropriate donut.

– Life Over C's This ice cream cone pattern free printable is a fun way to work on patterns! Kids love learning about patterns with a fun ice cream theme.

Ice Cream Cone Patterns Printable

Delicious scoop patterns in all levels: ABAB, ABBA, and ABC patterns. Or create your own!

Donut Copy AB Patterns for Google Slides & Seesaw

When kids are first learning patterns, it can be helpful to just copy the given AB pattern.

Food Theme graphing Activities for Kids

Creating simple graphs enhances the ability to organize and interpret data visually. This skill fosters early mathematical understanding and introduces basic concepts of data representation and analysis.

– Life Over C's Free printable fruit themed graphing activity for kindergarten.

Fruit Themed Graphing Activity Set

Simple graphs are the starting point for real data analysis. This fruit themed graph will have kids rolling, counting, graphing and enjoying math.

– Life Over C's This free printable donut graphing activity is so much fun! You can use it with different grade levels too depending on how you extend the activity.

Donut Graphing Free Printable

Challenge kids’ visual discrimination with this sweet donut graph.

Food Theme Money Activities for kids

These activities are great for kids who know names and values of coins and dollars. They are a great way to incorporate real-life concepts into the classroom.

– Life Over C's Practice adding money with this free printable garden math activity. Choose two seed packets and add them together. Perfect for a spring math lesson.

Garden Math Adding Money Free Printable

Draw two cards, then practice adding the amounts to find the total.

Bakery Pretend Play Printables for Counting

Everything you need to set up your own bakery! Then, let imaginative play begin.

Grocery Shopping Money Activities

Place grocery items in the cart, add the total, then find the correct dollars and cents.

Donut Shop Money Activity

Build-your-own donuts, then calculate the cost! Yum.

Food Theme addition and subtraction Activities for Kids

Hands-on practice with addition and subtraction allows preschoolers to grasp foundational mathematical concepts concretely. This tactile experience fosters understanding, reinforces numerical relationships, and cultivates a solid foundation for future arithmetic skills.

Free Marshmallow Addition Math Mats for Kindergarten

A hands-on take on learning addition. Count each addend, then find the sum and write it or use number blocks.

Printable Marshmallow Kindergarten Subtraction Problems

Subtraction can be tricky. Using manipulatives will help!

Strawberry Subtraction Google Slides & Seesaw

A great digital activity to practice subtraction facts up to 10. Clicking and dragging builds fine motor muscles.

– Life Over C's 6 printable and digital food themed activities text overlay 101 food activities for kids

Literacy Food Activities for Kids

food theme Alphabet activities

Learning the alphabet requires a ton of repetition and differentiation. These activities have got you covered! Your students will never tire of learning letter names, formations and sounds because each activity is hands-on and different.

Free Preschool Alphabet Tracing Play Dough Mats: Food Themed

Trace the letters, use a dry erase marker, or build them with play dough!

Free Alphabet Tracing Cards for Preschoolers

When placed in a dry erase pouch, these letter mats provide repeated practice for the whole year!

Apple Theme Alphabet Stamp Activities for Preschool

Providing practice on the same topic in multiple ways can be challenging. Break out the stamp pad for a fun take on letter recognition.

Waffle Beginning Sound Matching

Identify common foods, then isolate the beginning sound and match it to the correct letter.

Free Milk & Cookies Alphabet Matching Game Printable

Practice memory skills while learning uppercase and lowercase letter pairs.

Monkey and Banana Alphabet Matching Game Printable

Another fun theme to spice up a difficult topic for little ones. They will love turning over the monkeys and bananas and forget they are learning a priceless skill.

Popcorn Letter Tracing

Create textured letters with a yummy treat.

Pizza Letter Search Activity

Draw a card, search for that specific letter, then place a “pepperoni” chip on top. The only thing missing is that oozing cheese and the sauce.

food theme Name activities for kids

The best way to teach kids how to write and read their own name is through repeated exposure and multisensory activities, incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning methods. Using personalized materials, like name cards or tracing activities, along with verbal repetition, helps reinforce recognition and retention of their name.

Name Recognition Soup

You’ll need bowls, spoons, and plenty of plastic letters for this activity. Easy to differentiate once students master their own name.

Ice Cream Name Building Activity

A fun way for kids to learn how to spell their name by placing the correct letters in the correct order.

Food theme Early literacy for kids

Phonological awareness activities, such as rhyming and identifying syllables, are crucial for developing early literacy skills in children. These activities enhance their ability to recognize and manipulate sounds in words, laying a strong foundation for reading and spelling success.

Ice Cream Rhyming Words Printable for Kindergarten

Phonological awareness practice never was so sweet! Name the picture, then find the rhyming words on each scoop.

– Life Over C's Free printable fruit theme writing activity for preschool writing centers.

Fruit Theme Writing Activity for Preschoolers

Draw a card, identify the fruit, then trace the word. A great fine motor builder as well as letter/sound correspondence.

Going on a Bear Hunt Snack Activity

Nothing caps off a great book like a great snack. And making it yourself flexes those creative muscles. Not into frosting? Use peanut butter!

Ice Cream Rhyming Google Slides & Seesaw

Rhyming can be overwhelming at first. Giving only two choices is a great way for kids to hear those rhymes.

Food Theme Syllable Activity

Phonological awareness is a key prereading skill. Practice clapping syllables and learn about veggies at the same time.

– Life Over C's This free printable alphabetical order 'War' card game is great for kindergarteners and first graders who are learning how to read and learning about alphabetical order. The simple words and supporting pictures help kids be able to read the words as they decide which words come first in alphabetical order. So much fun!!!

Free Printable Alphabetical Order “War” Card Game

Draw a card, then decide which one comes first in the alphabet! A fun way to practice letter order.

– Life Over C's vertical collage of 6 food themed activities for preschool text overlay states 101 food activities for kids

Science Food Activities for Kids

Science experiments for kids using food not only make learning engaging and relatable but also foster hands-on exploration of scientific concepts like reactions, states of matter, and nutrition. These experiments stimulate curiosity, promote critical thinking, and provide practical insights into the properties and transformations of edible items, making learning both fun and educational.

Fizzy Hearts Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment for Kids

Put a valentine spin on a classic science experiment by adding vinegar to baking soda hearts.

Rainbow Soda and Mentos Science Project for Kids

Create a fizzing rainbow right in your own backyard.

Apple Volcano Preschool Science Experiment

Another take on a classic experiment.

Color-Changing Lemonade

Pique children’s’ interest for sure with a magical take on lemonade.

Kool-Aid Rock Candy Science Experiment

Create a beautiful rainbow and learn about the science behind it.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Easter Eggs Science Experiments

Same classic experiment with a different holiday mold.

Soda and Mentos Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Kids love to explore, especially when there is candy involved.

Valentines Day Science Experiments Using Milk

Amaze young scientists as they begin to observe how different liquids react to each other.

– Life Over C's The magic pepper experiment is a simple science experiment teaching kids all about surface tension. It's the perfect intro to science at home!

Magic Pepper Experiment: Simple Science for Kids

What repels pepper? Find out here. Hint: Glitter works, too!

Making Astronaut Ice Cream

Find out what happens when we pull out all the moisture from a favorite summertime treat.

Soda and Pop Rocks Easy Science Experiments for Young Kids

Create an impressive explosion with this exciting science experiment.

Skittles Rainbow Colors Science Experiments for Kids

A science experiment that lends itself nicely to primary colors and color mixing.

– Life Over C's If you love simple science activities, you'll love the magic milk science experiment, a lesson in chemistry and chemical bonds.

Magic Milk Science Experiment

Learn how soap and milk attract with this colorful science activity.

Exploring the Senses with Vegetables

Encourage trying new vegetables with this no-pressure-to actually-eat-it cooking activity.

Candy DNA Science Project

A sweet take on the DNA model which may or may not be eaten afterward.

Art and Craft Food Activities for Kids

Arts and crafts for kids using food encourage creativity and sensory exploration, allowing children to express themselves while engaging multiple senses. Such activities also promote fine motor skills development and can introduce basic concepts of color, shape, and texture, merging artistic expression with playful learning experiences.

– Life Over C's Painting with lemons on a piece of paper using red, blue, and yellow paint.

Lemon Painting with Preschoolers

Press lemon shapes onto paper to create patterns, work on color identification, or even write letters and numbers.

Edible Bread Painting

Take playing with your food to a new level with edible bread painting.

Spaghetti Craft Activity for Kids

A fun take on creating pretend food for imaginative play.

– Life Over C's Edible paint recipe for kids.

Kid’s DIY Edible Paint for Cookies

Nothing motivates young artists like edible paint. Get creative, then enjoy a sweet treat.

– Life Over C's Painting with half an orange with green and yellow paint on white paper.

Orange Prints Painting with Preschoolers

Press oranges to paper for an exercise in colors, creativity, shapes, and more.

– Life Over C's

Raised Apple Salt Painting

Salt painting is magic before our eyes as the color travels down the “salt path.”

– Life Over C's collage of 8 food activities text says 101 food activities for kids

Social Emotional Food Activities for Kids

Social-emotional games and activities for kids are essential for fostering empathy, interpersonal skills, and emotional regulation from a young age. These activities promote healthy social interactions, build self-awareness, and equip children with the necessary tools to navigate relationships and manage emotions effectively.

S’mores Theme Emotions Preschool Board Game

Emotions can be larger than life. Teach how to identify them with this fun game.

Ice Cream Social Emotional Skills Preschool Board Game

Introduce many emotions from excited to confused. A great way to teach kids how to identify and handle various emotions.

Sensory Food Activities for Kids

Sensory play is crucial for children as it stimulates and integrates their senses, aiding in cognitive development, motor skills, and language acquisition. Engaging in sensory activities allows kids to explore their environment, enhance creativity, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them through hands-on experiences.

– Life Over C's This fruits & vegetables sensory bin hunt is a super fun way to learn about fruits & veggies while working on matching and language skills.

Fruit and Vegetable Hunt Farm Sensory Bin

Pull out the fruit or vegetable from the sensory bin, then find its match.

Food Theme “Flip” Printable I Spy Games for Kids

A great spin on the classic I Spy game that can be played with the whole family.

– Life Over C's Decorate your cloud dough donut for a sensory activity in this 'If You Give a Dog a Donut" preschool lesson plan

If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff Lesson Plan

Fun, hands-on activity that pairs perfectly with the book.

Easy, Homemade Edible Playdough with 2-Ingredients

Learn how to make play dough that is 100 percent safe for even your youngest learners.

Easy DIY Lemon Cloud Dough Recipe

This lemon cloud dough feels and smells amazing.

Egg Yolk Shaped Slime

Slime in all shapes and sizes tends to delight young learners. Add this to any food or nutrition theme.

Ice Cream Play Dough

A simple recipe resulting in hours of summer-themed play.

How to Make Rainbow Spaghetti for Sensory Play

A colorful way to spice up your sensory bin.

– Life Over C's Need an activity for the kids, but don't want a lot of work? This simple play popcorn sensory bin takes the same effort as popping popcorn. Toss it in the microwave, toss it in the bin... Have fun!

Simple Play: Popcorn Sensory Bin

A fun idea to add to your sensory bin when your kids are tired of rice and water.

How to Make Lemon Sensory Bottles for Summer

The taste buds will be active just by glimpsing the lemony freshness of this adorable bottle.

Lemon Water Play

No one said sensory play needs to be complicated! Enjoy the scents and textures with this sensory play idea.

More Food Activities for Kids

Just in case the above collection didn’t quite satisfy your needs, check out the amazing activities below! You will not be disappointed.

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy with this Free Food Tracker

Great for hanging on the fridge.

Pineapple Mini Eraser Math Activities for Preschoolers

These pineapple mini eraser activities are perfect for introducing kids to counting, sorting, graphing and matching.

Free Printable Food Theme Partner Matching Cards

Learn common food pairings and see which ones your kids like the most.

Donut Mini Eraser Activities for Preschoolers

An awesome set of printables to practice key math skills like sorting, graphing, and counting.

Food Games and Activities Free Printables for Preschoolers

A packet of food-themed learning activities based on foundational skills like matching, numbers, colors and shapes.

– Life Over C's collage to represent 101 food activities for kids
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