This alphabet interactive notebook is intended to supplement your teaching for letter recognition and phonetic awareness. It is intended to be assembled over a period of multiple days (or even weeks if you prefer to do the coordinating pages as you learn the letters). Several opportunities for tracing are included on each page. As well as, beginning sound phonetic awareness and multiple font recognition. You can assemble these interactive pages throughout the year into one big interactive notebook (cover and back page are provided) or you can glue them into a larger notebook.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Alphabet Interactive Notebook

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Writing Utensils
  • Staples

To prepare the Alphabet Interactive Notebook:

Print pages 5-31. If desired print page 5 on card stock to make a sturdier cover and back page. This is not required, but it will help the mini-books to last longer. Students can assemble the alphabet interactive mini-books themselves as a lesson in alphabetical order or you can pre-assemble the mini-books for them.

alphabet interactive mini-notebook

This is not intended to be a one-time, quick project. Instead you can choose to do one or two letters a week.

alphabet mini-notebook

Also, you can choose to combine these all into one half-sheet sized book that is all stapled together or you can glue the main portion of the letter pages into a journal. Both options work very well.

When your students are first learning to do these pages, you will want to demonstrate a few times. Often, an accordion-fold is new to kindergarteners. They will likely need your help until they are more familiar with the technique.

alphabet printable

Each letter comes on its own full sheet of paper with one half of the page being the main portion of the book and the other half of the page containing the two glue-in pieces of paper.

After cutting out all of the pieces (again, kindergarteners will probably need your help), start by making the “letter book”.

Fold both the uppercase letter and the lower case letter backward to form the book. The portion with the triangle that says “back” will be the portion that you glue onto the matching triangle on the main page.

alphabet preschool printable

Then, create the accordion-fold of the picture strip. Your first fold will be up, so that the strip can be glued into the book.

preschool alphabet printable

You may notice that the dot-to-dot letters are not created in traditional writing format. **It is not physically possible to do that due to the nature of a dot-to-dot. Dot-to-dots are intended to be continuous, but most letters are not created in one continuous motion. Instead, these are meant as a fun activity to discover the letter.** Since these books are intended for review, that should not cause any handwriting problems. 

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