What is it about holidays and junk food? All year long we’re trying to keep the kids from sugar, but every.single.holiday or celebration is all about candy and cookies and cakes. I mean, yum, but… still. These candy mini eraser counting grids for preschool are a celebration all by themselves. And they are totally carb free. *wink* Unless you want to use real candy as your math manipulatives, of course.

Free printable Candy counting grids for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

Recommended Grade Level:

Candy Counting Grid Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Pasta: Shell, Rotini, Farfalle
  • Rice
  • Ruler

Being able to master counting helps your preschooler gain important skills while boosting their confidence. With these candy mini eraser counting grids, you can enjoy celebrating the holiday season (and ALL the times your kids receive candy) with a candy-themed counting activity.

These mini erasers will help your preschooler learn how to count and work on fine motor skills. With English and Spanish versions, this printable will be the perfect addition to your math centers and preschool curriculum.

These mini erasers from the Target Bullseye Playground (previously known as the Dollar Spot) are so much fun to use as math counters. In fact, we have a stash of almost 100 different mini erasers to use all throughout the year with any preschool theme we can dream up.

With these candy mini erasers, your children will dive right in to learn how to count to ten, twenty and even 100 in both English and Spanish.

When preschoolers and early elementary kids to learn a second language at this age will help them retain the secondary language longer.

And the Spanish grids work perfectly for Preschool and Pre-k teachers in Spanish integration classrooms!

Contrar hasta 10, 20, y 100 en espanol por los centros matematicas.

Why Use Counting Grids with Preschoolers?

Honestly? I look for any excuse to do an activity using mini erasers…lol!

I definitely cannot resist the urge to grab all the new mini erasers from the Target Bullseye Playground at the changing of the seasons and holidays.

Opting to use these super fun candy mini eraser counting grids gives your preschoolers a chance to build their fine motor skills!

Learning to count can be overwhelming for some kids. Helping your kids learn in a way that works best for their likes and pace is the best way to confirm that they’ll remember this lesson in counting.

Mini erasers counting grid games give your preschooler a hands-on learning activity for one to one correspondence. Most kids learn best when they are learning with manipulatives to practice counting.

Grab your Target Bullseye Playground mini erasers and use them with these free printable number counting grids for preschool math centers.

Build Preschool Math Skills with Counting Grids

After using these candy mini eraser number activities for preschoolers to teach counting skills to your kids, starting with a basic ten frame and moving to a twenty frame and then a hundred chart, you can expand upon this by using the counting grids math game to teach basic math skills.

Counting grids can also be used to work on addition skills and beginning subtraction skills as well.

As your kids master the art of counting, they will also work on their fine motor skills and this particular set of number grids is perfect for learning patterns.

mini eraser counting activities for 1-20! Every kid loves using mini erasers, so why not make learning extra fun with these mini eraser counting grids for 10, 20 and 100

How to do prepare these math activities?

The first tip I have for you is to laminate these mini eraser counting grids so that you can have hours of active, playful activities learning to count with preschoolers, who are notoriously rough on paper.

If you don’t have a laminator, you can use dry-erase pockets.

With dry erase pockets, you can easily slide paper into them and they can be protected. This also allows you to use dry erase markers on an activity without laminating first.

Let’s face it, handing the regular paper over to a bunch of preschoolers won’t last long. Save money and time with printing these candy mini eraser counting grids by protecting them before your kids start using them.

You’ll thank me later when you realize you don’t have to print these counting grids 100 times.

We also use differentiated instruction cubes to create the dice. They are some of my favorite educational tools because they can be used to create so many different activities.

Use fine motor skills to count to 10, 20 and 100 with these no-prep mini eraser counting grids for your Target mini erasers.

These mini erasers work well to help your preschool and kindergarten age children learn to count to 100.

Whether you want them to learn in English, Spanish, or both languages you’ll get the whole package when you click to print these candy mini eraser counting grids.

I highly recommend you purchase some mini erasers to work with these candy counting grids. Target tends to have a wide selection of mini erasers that work fabulously for all of the counting grids I’ve shared.

mini eraser counting activities for 1-20! Every kid loves using mini erasers, so why not make learning extra fun with these mini eraser counting grids for 10, 20 and 100

What can I use instead of mini erasers?

Don’t have any mini erasers for these counting grids? Don’t have a Target near you? (Sorry, Canada…). No need to worry that you can’t use these counting activities.

There are many other supplies you might have readily available at home to use with these candy mini eraser counting grids. Here are some options that you can use in place of mini erasers for these candy counting grids:

  • Pompoms
  • Cheerios
  • Marbles
  • Flat sided marbles, like the ones you’d put into a fish tank for decoration.
  • Buttons

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

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