Once your preschooler has learned how to count to 10, they may be feeling ready to take on more in the wonderful world of math! Learning numbers 11 – 20 is a next great step for children working on counting. We all know learning the teen numbers can be a little tricky, but activities like these Free Marshmallow Counting Mats for Preschool Numbers 11-20 provide plenty of fun and interactive practice to build your preschooler’s counting confidence!

Numbers 11-20 Counting Mats

These number mats for preschool help make teaching numbers 11 – 20 easy. Five different activities on each mat offer practice for preschoolers tracing numbers, writing numbers, building numbers, and spelling number words.

An added bonus for this activity is that it comes in BOTH English and Spanish!

Dieciocho counting mat with Lucky Charms manipulatives.

How To Teach Numbers 11-20 To Preschoolers:

As I mentioned before, teaching numbers 11 – 20 to preschoolers can be a little tricky.

Our children are always looking for patterns to follow. Luckily fourteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen follow a pattern!

Unfortunately eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fifteen do not follow the normal counting pattern which makes repetition and practice with these numbers super important.

Teaching numbers 11-20 can also be a little confusing for children because it is the first time they are learning double digit numbers besides the number 10.

As you begin to introduce place value and practice counting to 20, ten frames are a great tool to have on hand to help learners understand that the “1” in the tens place has a value of 10.

Marshmallow counting mat for the number 12.

Fun Learning Activities For How To Teach Numbers To Preschoolers:

Counting marshmallows is a fun and yummy way to work on counting skills!

Here are some other fun numbers and counting activities for learning in preschool numbers 1- 20:

  • Learn and practice numbers 11-20 using play dough counting mat math activities.
  • Write the numbers 11-20 onto pieces of construction paper, have each of your students take a piece of the paper and work together to practice putting the numbers in order, saying the numbers, and counting up to the number they are holding.
  • When counting to one of the teen numbers with manipulatives, have your child practice counting out ten first and grouping those objects together and then counting the remaining objects into a group, and then they can count them altogether. This is a good way to help them visualize the groups of “tens” and “ones”.
Counting mat in Spanish 14.

Tools you’ll need

Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

How To Use These Printable Counting Mats For Preschoolers:

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Print the activity onto white card stock and laminate the pages, or slip them into clear plastic sleeves.

Gather your materials. You will need a dry erase marker and some kind of manipulative to use on the counting math mats.

I think using lucky marshmallows is a great idea, but if you don’t have any at home you can use mini erasers, counting chips, unifix cubes, or another manipulative or yummy snack that you have handy.

Choose a number to start with and place the mat in front of your child.

Begin with number recognition and ask your child if they recognize the number and if they don’t, you can give them a hint or help them by telling them.

Practice number formation by tracing the numeral with your child’s finger, a dry erase marker, or create it using play dough.

Next, practice saying the word and tracing the word using a dry erase marker. You can have your child write the word on their own on the blank line, or you can write the word and let them trace it.

Practice counting and one to one correspondence by giving your child lucky marshmallows to count and place into the cereal bowl and onto the ten frames.

Once you are finished talking about the number and practicing it you can move onto another number mat!

Play dough counting mat for the number thirteen.

Other Ways To Use These Numbers 11 – 20 Preschool Counting Mats:

  • Practice writing the number in expanded form. (Write 17 as 10 + 7)
  • Count numbers 1-20 and have your child give you a thumbs up, hand raise, or shout wahoo when they hear the number.
  • Keep some number cards handy and have your child pick out the number you are practicing. Also see if they can find the number that comes before and after their number.
  • For a fun challenge, play a mystery number game. I’m thinking of a number that is greater than 12, less than 16, and is even. See if your child can find the number mat for the number you are thinking of!

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