Marshmallow Roll and Count Game for Preschoolers

Snack time is one of my favorite times of the day to sneak in some extra counting practice for preschoolers. There is just something about adding a yummy snack that makes counting that much more fun and entertaining. This Marshmallow Cereal Roll and Count Math Game for Preschoolers is not only educational, but also delicious!

Free Marshmallow Roll and Count Preschool Math Activity

Whether you are working on counting in Spanish for preschoolers or in English, this free preschool counting game is a fun and hands on way to practice.

This activity makes a great St. Patrick’s Day theme counting activity, but can really be used anytime of the year with your favorite cereal!

Hands On Counting Activities For Preschoolers:

When it comes to teaching preschool math to young children, the more hands on you can make the learning activities the better!

Hands on counting activities are a wonderful way to work on one to one correspondence practice. This is when your child can not only verbally count, but is also able to count out objects along with their counting by touching one object at a time.

Counting activities that are hands on are also incredibly beneficial for building number sense.

The supplies for the Marshmallow Cereal Roll and Count Math Game for Preschoolers.

Other Counting Ideas For Preschoolers:

  • Combine color recognition with counting skills. Have a color sort with blocks, cars, or crayons and then practice counting how many of each color you have.
  • Use free printable play dough mats for practicing counting and number recognition.
  • Play board games with your child to practice counting. You can use games you already have at home in your game closet, or try a free printable game like this St. Patrick’s Day themed board game.

How To Use This Counting Math Activity For Preschoolers:

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You can choose from English or Spanish depending on your needs.

The Marshmallow Cereal Roll and Count Math Game sheet in Spanish for

After you download the fun counting activity for preschoolers, print it onto white card stock.

Laminate the activity, or slip it into a clear plastic sleeve.

Roll the die and count the dots.

Using a dry erase marker, have your child write the number in the “Write It” section. You can have them write the number in word form, numeral form, as an addition problem, or as a subtraction problem!

After they write the number, have them count out the number of marshmallows and place them in the bowl.

Repeat until you have practiced all the numbers up to 5, 10, or more!

We love our multi-sided foam dice set because it gives us easy ways to extend the activity by using dots, numbers, and dice with more sides to practice larger numbers.

The supplies for the Marshmallow Cereal Roll and Count Math Game for Preschoolers in Spanish.

You can even use this activity to practice addition by using two dice or a double dice, like the ones we used here:

The Marshmallow Cereal Roll and Count Math Game sheet for

Other Ways To Use This Counting Game For Preschoolers:

  • Use rainbow shaped mini erasers or mini marshmallows for this activity if you do not have any marshmallow cereal.
  • Place the Spanish number mat and English number mat side by side for dual language practice.
  • Practice addition by rolling two or more dice at once. Roll the dice, have your preschooler add them together, and then write the number and count out that many marshmallows.
  • Work on subtraction within 10. Whatever the number is that your child rolls, have them subtract it from ten and then complete the counting activity with that number.
  • Add some movement to your counting game! Keep a gross motor exercise cube close by and after you roll the die and fill out the counting board, do that number of exercises.
marshmallow roll and count game for preschool

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