When it comes to learning numbers, we know that recognizing what a number looks like is just one of the many skills preschoolers need to practice. Free Printable Marshmallow Counting Mats for Preschool Numbers 1-10 have five different ways to practice each number on each mat! While they are counting, tracing, reading, and writing each number they will be so busy having fun, they will never realize how much they are learning!

Printable Marshmallow Counting Mats Numbers 1-10

Recommended Grade Level:

Marshmallow Counting Mat Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Marshmallows
  • Playdough
  • Dry Erase Marker

Awesome news! This activity comes in both Spanish and English. That makes this activity a great fit for dual language classes, ELL students, or any child who is working on learning numbers in a new language.

What Math Skills Can I Practice With These Number Mats For Preschool?

Of course these number worksheets are wonderful for practicing counting preschool numbers 1 – 10, but you may be wondering what other math skills can be worked on!

There are quite a few different learning activities on each counting mat printable worksheet and many skills to be practiced.

Each mat has a cereal bowl at the top of the page that is the perfect place to practice counting. One to one correspondence can be worked on in this section.

You can also work on grouping the marshmallows in 2s or 3s in the cereal bowl and practice skip counting skills.

The ten frame work mat is another fabulous place for counting activities. Practice counting the marshmallows out one at a time or by another number.

The free printable ten frame mat section on the counting mat is also an awesome place for working on comparing numbers, talking about the number in relation to ten, discussing even and odd numbers, and even talking a little bit about fractions.

On each mat there is a place to practice number formation, number recognition, and writing the number in word form.

All of these math activities are fun learning opportunities for multiple number skills to be practiced.

Counting to three number mat.

How To Use These Printable Counting Mats For Preschool:

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Print the activity onto white card stock.

I always recommend laminating or slipping counting math mats into clear plastic page protectors. This helps to keep the activity durable and reuseable!

Grab your favorite marshmallow cereal, small manipulative, or mini erasers and you are ready to go!

Using marshmallows to count in Spanish.

You will also want to have a writing utensil handy. Dry erase markers work great if you laminated your activity.

Talk with your child about the number at the top of the page. Do they recognize what number it is? If they don’t you can give them a hint or tell them the number.

They can use their dry erase marker to trace the number, trace the number word, and practice writing the number in word form on the blank line provided.

Count the number of marshmallows out into the cereal bowl and into the ten frame chart.

After one mat is completed you can work on the next number you would reach in counting, or mix it up and let your child pick whatever number they would like to practice next!

Number five counting mat using marshmallows.

Other Ways To Use These Number Counting Mats:

  • Use play dough to create the number or form small shapes with the dough to count out in the ten frame mat part of the activity or in the cereal bowl.
  • If using the activity with a class or small group of children, hide number cards 1-10 around your classroom or playroom. The number each child finds is the number mat that they will practice.
  • Place number cards into a sensory bin. As your child finds the number in their sensory play, do that number mat.
  • Work on two different numbers side by side to practice comparing.

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marshmallow number counting mats 1 to 10
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