If you teach preschool, or have preschoolers at home, then I’m sure you are familiar with the joy and excitement felt by children during the holiday season! While it is wonderful to feel the excitement, it can be difficult at times to get little learners to focus. Christmas themed activities are a great way to channel excited holiday spirits into learning opportunities. Get ready to rock around the Christmas tree with a new free printable Christmas Theme Roll and Cover Number Recognition Games For Preschoolers!

Free Christmas Theme Number Recognition Games. 2 Cover up counting games

Recommended Grade Level:

Christmas Roll & Cover Number Recognition Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Dice
  • Christmas Manipulatives or Pom-Poms
  • Laminating Supplies

This counting numbers 1 to 10 activity for preschoolers combines the joy of decorating the Christmas tree with learning numbers!

Children will love practicing counting and number recognition skills with this fun and interactive roll and cover game.

How to Teach Numbers To Preschoolers:

Repetition is important when teaching preschool numbers 1 to 10.

The more times a little one sees numbers, the more likely they are to recognize numbers.

The more opportunities your little one gets to practice counting numbers 1-10, the better!

Math worksheets can be great in your lesson plans on counting numbers for preschoolers, but there are also lots of other fun ways to practice numbers and counting!

Free Christmas Theme Number Recognition Games. 2 Cover up counting games

Math centers are another great way to practice numbers. The wonderful thing about math centers is they are hands on, can be easily differentiated, and you can include a wide variety of number activities!

How To Use This Number Recognition Activity For Preschoolers:

Print the Roll and Cover Activity and Christmas trees onto white card stock. Laminate the roll and cover boards if you plan on reusing them and want to make them more durable.

There are two different boards options, which makes differentiation easy! You can choose to practice numbers 1-6, or 5-10.

If you have a differentiation cube, you can print the square images of the trees and slip them into your cube.

If you do not have a differentiation cube, print the buildable cube page and assemble your tree number cube.

Free Christmas Theme Number Recognition Games. 2 Cover up counting games

After you have decided which numbers to practice, pick the board and cube that match.

Have your little one roll the dice. Ask them to first identify the amount they see on the cube.

Using Christmas themed mini erasers, or another manipulative of choice, have them cover the matching numeral on the board.

Continue until all of the numbers are covered!

Free Christmas Theme Number Recognition Games. 2 Cover up counting games

Materials needed for the Christmas Counting Games:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Pouches (optional)
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Applesauce caps or game markers

Other Ways To Use This Printable Preschool Number Learning Activity:

Mini Erasers

If your little one is struggling with counting the dots on the dice, you can give them that number of mini erasers to count! (Great practice for one to one correspondence!)

Color by Number

For extra fine motor skill practice, print a new copy of the game board. Have your little one color in the Christmas ornaments as they roll the number with a crayon or marker.

Addition and Subtraction

Provide an addition or subtraction fact that goes with that number.

Partner Game

Make this a two player game to practice number recognition. Print a copy for each student. Roll the dice and have students race to see who can cover the number first!

Tracing Practice

Use your laminated copy of the roll and cover board for printable number tracing practice. Use a dry erase marker for a fun write and wipe activity.

Free Christmas Theme Number Recognition Games. 2 Cover up counting games
Free Christmas Theme Number Recognition Games. 2 Cover up counting games
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