If you have kids who are working on simple addition facts then you’ll love this Christmas Tree Ten-Frame hide and seek game. Keep your kids engaged in learning before the holiday break with this holiday-themed ten-frame game. We all know that the week or two leading up to holiday break is the hardest time to hold your kids’ attention, that’s why I wanted to share a holiday-themed math activity that you can print and use to help your kids practice counting to 10.

– Life Over C's Christmas theme ten-frame hide and seek counting game for kindergarten math centers

Recommended Grade Level:

Christmas Ten Frame Hide & Seek Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Pocket Chart
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Hide & Seek Pocket Chart Activity

Knowing how to count to ten is a valuable skill for kids to learn and it is the foundation of numeracy for kindergarteners. Since kids need a lot of practice with counting to ten, this Christmas Tree Ten-Frame hide and seek provides a new way to help your kids retain the necessary skill of learning how to count to ten.

Once you fall in love with this game…like I know you will, you can get more pocket chart activities here.

What is a ten frame?

A ten-frame is a rectangular frame built with two-by-five levels to help your kids learn how to make ten.

Understanding how numbers fit into a group of ten is one of the building blocks necessary for counting higher numbers, addition skills, subtraction skills and so much more.

How to Use the Ten-Frame Hide and Seek Game

To prepare the Christmas Tree Ten-frame Hide and Seek game, simply print and laminate the pieces, with the exception of the optional recording sheet.

Cut apart the ten-frame cards and the miniature Christmas ornaments.

Place the Christmas tree ten-frame cards in a pocket chart, lay them on a table or lay them on the floor.

I have found that a table top pocket chart works perfectly for this game, but you can you anything that you have available.

Then, hide the Christmas ornaments behind the Christmas Tree ten-frames and have the kids take turns guessing which Christmas tree they are hiding behind.

– Life Over C's Practice counting to 10 with this Christmas tree themed hide and seek counting game for preschoolers.

Using the optional Number Recording Pages

Take the game up a notch by using the optional number recording pages.

Have the kids cross off the numbers of incorrect guesses. Then, have then write the correct guesses in the boxes at the bottom of the page.

The recording page helps kids work on numeral recognition and number formation along with the ten-frame number recognition needed to make guesses.

– Life Over C's Free printable Christmas ten-frame hide and seek game is a great way to work on counting to 10 with your preschoolers

How do you do number bonds?

Number bonds are the act in which you teach your children simple subtraction and addition. Children will use number bonds to learn what small numbers taken away from or combined with other numbers work to create a number. In this activity, your children will use number bonds to determine what added or subtracted together will come to the number ten.

That is why ten-frames are an important part of the counting and number recognition experience.

Ten-frames show kids that there is a limit to this group of numbers. And creates the understanding of groups of ten for learning numbers 11-99.

This simple apple ten-frame hide and seek game is an engaging way to introduce ten-frames to your pre-k and kindergarteners.

Everything is more fun when it’s a game. And if your kids are anything like mine, hide and seek is one of their favorite games.

– Life Over C's Free ten-frame hide and seek counting game for kindergarten math centers.

Why do Ten-Frames Help?

Using this free printable activity for your children helps your children have a visual concept of math.

Sometimes math is hard for children to comprehend that’s why we highly recommend using ten-frames to teach basic math skills.

Using a visual like this Christmas Tree Ten-Frame Hide and Seek Activity will help foster a love of math.

– Life Over C's Work on numeracy skills with your preschoolers and kindergarteners during math small groups with this free printable Christmas tree ten frame counting game.

As your children learn to use ten-frames to boost their basic counting, addition and subtraction facts to find numbers that can be combined to make ten, they’ll want to continue using this visual hands-on activity to start learning how to make other number bonds. This ten-frame activity truly provides your children with an exciting and fun way to learn number bonds, even more so, holding their attention during the most exciting time of the year, the holiday season!

This Christmas tree ten-frame hide and seek game can help your children learn without feeling like they’re just being drilled and grilled to memorize number bonds.

– Life Over C's Free printable Christmas tree counting game for preschool math centers and small groups.

Using hands-on activities to help your child recognize number bonds works to engage both you and your children in a fun way that doesn’t overwhelm them. The key to helping children learn basic counting skills is to use engaging activities, such as the extensive line of ten-frame options included on this site.

This free ten-frame activity for children takes counting to 10 to a deeper level with a fun hide & seeks adventure.

This is the time of year when children are excited the presents under their Christmas tree and distracted by all the fun activities going on. Give your children an outlet to use their excitement to learn basic counting skills. Get this free ten-frame activity to get an extra boost of simple counting skills before they head out to enjoy holiday break with family.

Math and Literacy Options for Your Christmas Theme

You can pair the Christmas Tree Ten-Frame Hide and Seek Game up with some great Christmas books during your Christmas theme! By working with a theme approach kids will build real-life connections to the skills they are learning.

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– Life Over C's Christmas theme ten-frame hide and seek counting game for kindergarten math centers
– Life Over C's
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