Decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite way to kick off the holiday season. There’s nothing better than putting on a holiday movie, cranking up the Christmas carols, and spending the evening hanging ornaments. My kids love helping hang Christmas ornaments, and they especially love when they find handmade ornaments from years past. This easy Christmas tree craft for preschoolers will make the perfect addition to your tree this year and be a wonderful memory for years to come!

Whether you are searching for a Christmas craft for a party, or just a simple fun kids Christmas craft to do at home, this tree ornament is a great activity for you!

Christmas tree preschool craft.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Christmas Tree Craft for Kids:

  • Paper Mâché Cone
  • Green Paint
  • Star
  • Acrylic Gemstones
  • String
  • Glue

Benefits Of Crafting With Kids:

Although crafting with kids can be a little messy, there are many benefits that outweigh the mess!

The more you craft with your kids and set expectations for how to use and store materials, the easier and less messy it will become.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of doing art and craft projects with kids:

  • Fine motor skills are strengthened through activities like cutting, pasting, and coloring!
  • Assembling crafts requires little ones to use their hand and eye coordination.
  • Crafting is a great way to promote creativity and allow children to express themselves artistically.
  • Working on craft projects can be calming and is a good way for kids to relieve stress.

Teaching Through Crafts:

Another major benefit of working on crafts with children is that there are many skills that can be taught along side a craft project!

  • Math skills can be taught while working on crafts! Counting, measurement, and fractions are just a few of the many skills you can practice.
  • Crafts and literacy skills can easily be combined! Reading a Christmas themed book about a tree would be the perfect activity to compliment this craft. Following step by step directions is a great listening comprehension skill that can be practiced while working on art and craft projects.
  • Learning colors comes naturally when crafting. The colorful materials in craft projects make for easy conversations about colors! Mixing paint colors is another wonderful opportunity for color exploration.
  • Crafting materials can be used to teach shapes. Little ones love building their own shapes and talking about the number of sides that they have.

How To Make This Christmas Craft Tree For Preschoolers

Supplies for making a christmas tree craft for kids.


Paint the paper mache cone with green paint. If you do not have a paper mache cone, simply roll and assemble a white paper plate into a cone shape!

Allow the cone to completely dry before decorating.

Painting a cone for a kid's Christmas tree craft.

Poke a hole through the top of the cone using a thick needle. Thread the ribbon through the hole.

Stringing a thread through the top of a green paper cone.

Decorate the cone with adhesive gems and stars. You can also use other materials such as loose glitter, small stickers, ribbon, or washi tape.

Christmas tree paper craft for preschoolers.

Hang your Christmas tree ornament on your tree for everyone to enjoy!

Other Ways To Use This Easy Preschool Christmas Craft:

  • Cover the cones with green felt and use fabric markers or puffy paint to decorate.
  • Create the trees without threading ribbons through the top. Use them as Christmas decorations around gingerbread houses for an amazing gingerbread village!
  • Use this tree ornament as a gift tag on a present.
  • Have an ornament themed holiday party where you create Christmas themed ornaments, or ask guests to bring ornaments and have an exchange!

More Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids:

Christmas crafts are a great way to channel the excitement of the holiday season into a productive project! Here are a few other easy Christmas craft ideas that are simple and require few materials.

  • Create your own Christmas cards using cut out magazine images, construction paper, stickers, and glitter!
  • Make a DIY Christmas wreath or pipe cleaner wreath.
  • This adorable candy cane ornament is another easy craft your kids will love!
  • 3D Christmas tree crafts for preschoolers can be a great lesson in engineering. Little ones will love cutting and assembling construction paper into a miniature tree!

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