Penguins, polar bears, and narwhals are all animals my preschoolers love. In fact, learning about arctic animals is one my preschoolers’ favorite units every year. Free Printable Posters for Arctic Animals Preschool Theme will be one of your new go to resources for your arctic animal theme this winter. These easy to use, low prep posters will make planning for your arctic theme a breeze this year!

free printable arctic animal postsers for preschoolers with I Spy Arctic Animals game

Recommended Grade Level:

Arctic Animal Poster Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Writing Utensils (pencils, crayons, markers)

From I Spy animal hunts, to adorable wall hangings, to inspiration for writing stories, there are so many different options for using these versatile printable posters.

So, as you are working on planning your arctic animal winter theme, let us help make your life a little easier with these free posters!

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Planning A Preschool Arctic Animal Theme:

Planning arctic animal activities for preschoolers is a great way to tie in a variety of different subject areas.

Here are just a few of the many topics you can cover with preschool arctic animals activities:

What’s Included In These Preschool Poster Printables:

This preschool classroom poster printable comes with three different resources.

  • large printable posters with a picture of the animal and the name
  • half page “I See” arctic animal posters
  • I Spy arctic animals page with all 12 animals on one paper

The animals of the arctic that are included in this resource are: lemming, polar bear, arctic fox, reindeer, snowy owl, arctic wolf, snowshoe hare, puffin, beluga whale, harp seal, narwhal, and walrus.

How To Use These Arctic Animals Preschool Printables:

After you receive the link for this activity in your email inbox, download it and print the pages onto white card stock paper.

Laminate the pages for durability and you are ready to go!

These free printable posters are the perfect activity to incorporate into your arctic animals preschool lesson plans. Here are a few activity ideas:

Arctic Animal Posters For Preschool Rooms:

Hang the large arctic animal posters around your classroom or home for a fun winter themed decoration or polar region vocabulary wall.

Tell your child to go and stand by the animals as you say their name. You can also play a riddle game and have them stand by the animal they think you are describing. This can also be a fun way to work on learning descriptive adjective words.

For example, I am thinking of an animal that is large, white, has four paws, loves rolling in the snow, and has an excellent sense of smell! (Polar bear!)

Arctic Animal I Spy Game:

Give each child a copy of the I Spy animal page. They can go on a hunt around the classroom or your home and check off the animals they find.

While you are reading an arctic themed book or watching a video, your students can check off the arctic animals that they hear mentioned in the story or see a picture of.

Arctic Animal Matching Games:

Once the animals are hung on your walls you can print out another set of the posters and have your children match the animal they have to the one that is hanging on the wall.

For children who are working on letter recognition and reading, you can hand write the name of the animals on index cards or post it notes. They can then match the name of the animal to the poster.

Get your kids up and moving! Print two copies of the large animal posters and distribute them to your students. Have them find their match. Once they have found their match they can share one fact they know about the animal!

Make two copies of the “I See” cards and play a fun memory game with them. This can be a one or two player game.

Arctic Animal Book For Preschoolers:

After you laminate the pages, assemble the “I See” pages into a small book, hole punch the top corner, and use a metal ring to hold the pages together.

Use it as a wipe and write book for practicing tracing the arctic animal vocabulary words. This is a wonderful activity for practicing fine motor skills and letter formation.

Writing Inspiration:

Glue one of the arctic animal posters to the top of a piece of chart paper. Use it as a place to keep questions about the animal, or to list facts about the animal that you learn during the course of your arctic unit.

Write a creative story with your students about the arctic animals and then act it out using the posters as the characters. This can be a fun dramatic play activity for reading comprehension.

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