We all know how explaining and showing emotions is something children need to practice. Sometimes this includes yelling, throwing, and having a knock down, drag out tantrum. As frustrating as this is, it’s can be a normal stage in development for young children. There are so many different ways you can work to help your children understand their big feelings. How about a beginning reading activity that will help boost your children’s confidence and comprehension of how they feel?

This free printable gingerbread emotions mini book is a wonderful activity to teach kids about emotions and is a great addition to our free printable learning activities. Emotions can be a very confusing thing for any person, but this emotions mini book will help your preschoolers understand the facial expressions of each emotion. Children are developing feelings that are new and confusing, so teaching emotions and feelings through activities are essential. A great addition to our popular gingerbread emotions collection.

Learn about emotions with your preschoolers using this free printable emotions mini book for a fun emotions writing activity.

Recommended Grade Level:

Gingerbread Emotions Mini-Book Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Staples
  • Crayons
  • Scissors

Learning About Emotions:

social emotional learning activities for preschool


How many times have we said to our kids, “Please use your words!”? It can be super frustrating getting our well-meaning kiddos to express how they feel without using mean words or an upper cut. This adorable preschool emotions printable can help teach our kids better social skills in multiple social situations.

This Emotions and Feelings Preschool Activity Features the Following Emotions:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Surprised
  • Angry
  • Proud
  • Silly
  • Worried

You can use this free printable emotions activity for a shared reading/writing experience or individually with a child that may have some big feelings.

In addition to learning about feelings and emotions, here are some questions you can ask throughout the book:

  • When was a time you felt mad? Tell me about it.
  • What do you think this preschool emotion face means?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What could you do or tell a friend that is feeling sad?
  • Tell me what you think is silly.
Teach preschoolers about emotions with this free printable emotions mini book in a fun gingerbread man theme.

What Can Preschoolers Learn About Feelings?

emotions activities for preschoolers


Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Social/Emotional Skills?

Besides the fact that sometimes we just can’t listen to another child tattle, there are many other reasons kids should practice social/emotional skills.

I’m A Problem Solver

When children can step into another child’s train of thought and empathize with them, this can lead to a want to help solve the problem.

I Can Use My Words

Yes, I know it’s cliché, but it is really so important for children to learn to talk it out and not resort to physically communicating what they want or how they feel.

I’m A Relationship Builder

Children need to build positive relationships with not only other children, but also other familiar adults in their lives. Identifying feelings can help build stronger relationships.

I Can Manage My Anxiety

Identifying feelings and emotions in preschool can lower anxiety and stress. This in turn can make your child healthier and much happier.

Preschoolers will learn emotion facial expressions with this free printable gingerbread emotions mini book.

How To Use This Feelings And Emotions Activity For Preschoolers:

social emotional printable activities

Honestly, it really can’t get much easier than this. Just download the gingerbread emotions mini book, print enough for each kiddo, and help them staple their pages together.

Then the kids can write their name on the front of their book before you read each page together. See if the children can guess the emotion on each cute little face before the feeling word is read. With practice, your child will start to recognize facial expressions more frequently.

Free printable gingerbread theme emotions mini book for learning about emotions with preschoolers.

Other Ways To Use The Gingerbread Emotions Mini Book:

Making Faces

After your child has identified the emotion on the page, have them use facial expressions and body language to model that specific emotion. Try playing a game and see who can figure out the most emotions.

Find The Letter

Following along in an easy to read mini book can give kids practice with early literacy. Ask your child to find a specific letter or word on each page of the book.

How Are You Feeling?

Give your child an opportunity to describe a time when they felt the emotion found on each page of the mini book. Time me about a time you felt scared. What made you feel better?

Home Language Learning

It’s important for all of our kids to feel included in our activities. Research the specific emotion card words in a child’s home language so that they can practice the word in two different ways.

Match The Feelings

Practice thinking skills with this hands on Gingerbread Emotions Matching Game.

Choose Your Own

Include a blank page at the end of the book where your child can make up their own emotion (sleepy, frustrated, joyful, etc.) and draw a picture to match.

Practice writing skills and identifying emotions with this free printable mini book for teaching emotions to preschoolers.
Use this free printable emotions mini book with a fun gingerbread theme to help preschoolers learn about emotions.

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Learn to identify emotions with your preschoolers using this free printable gingerbread emotions mini book for preschoolers.
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