I don’t know about you, but we love candy canes at Christmas time! We’ve made candy cane salt dough ornaments, candy cane wreaths, and candy cane garland! We like candy canes on the tree, in cocoa and coffee, and sprinkled on cookies! That’s why I’m so excited to share this easy DIY candy cane ornament craft today. Making Christmas crafts with kids is an excellent way to get everyone excited about the holiday season.

– Life Over C's A fun Candy Cane Christmas ornament for preschoolers to make during the Christmas season

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Candy Christmas Ornament

  • Foam Balls
  • Clear Christmas Ornament
  • Mini Candy Cane
  • String

Creating a DIY Ornament for Christmas

Whether it is your Christmas tradition to create kid-friendly Christmas tree ornaments or you just want to try something new with your preschoolers, making Christmas ornaments is a great way to help kids use all that Christmas energy constructively.

You know, the kind of energy that has every kid asking, “Where are the presents?” every.single.day. during December?!

Surely, I am not the only one with ‘that’ child…

Involving young ones in the Christmas season with Christmas ornament crafts the kids can make, decorating gingerbread houses, and making Christmas countdowns gives them a clear focus for a bit!

What are examples of Christmas traditions in preschool?

There are many family traditions that we, personally, try to squeeze in every year. Making ornaments is by far one of my favorite traditions during the Christmas season with my own kids and preschoolers. Adding those personal touches to DIY filled glass Christmas ornaments makes them something special to be remembered year after year.

If you’re looking for new Christmas traditions to try with your preschoolers, here’s a list of creative Christmas tradition ideas:

  • Sing Christmas carols at a local nursing home.
  • Decorate the room with Christmas lights.
  • Find an easy Christmas ornament kids can make without help.
  • Make gift bags for sharing homemade goodies.
  • Bake Christmas cookies and decorate them.
  • Collect non-perishables for a local shelter or food bank.

There are lots of other creative ways to fill clear Christmas ornaments that make beautiful keepsakes.

I hope you’ll be inspired to do something extra fun to do with your kids during the holiday season.

Perhaps this red and white candy cane Christmas ornament will begin a new family tradition with your kids, too!

– Life Over C's Create a simple Christmas craft with preschoolers. DIY Christmas Ornament with fake snow and miniature candy cane filler for preschoolers to create.

Why are Christmas crafts good for kids?

Not only is this a super cute DIY ornament idea, but this candy cane Christmas ornament also helps enhance fine motor skills.

Using the funnel to fill a plastic ornament (glass ornaments work too) with snow pebbles requires the necessary skills to hold both items in place while filling the ornament so that the candy cane appears to be in the middle of a snowy hill.

The small candy cane ornament will also help boost your preschoolers’ creative thinking skills.

As your kids work to place the candy cane inside the clear ornament bulb, they’ll then have to determine the best way to put the snow pebbles inside the ornament to make this Christmas decoration look magical.

Crafts for kids are also good because it helps them develop a strong sense of self-pride, expand their imaginations and help them find new ways to solve other problems that may come into their lives.

The process of creating arts and crafts helps kids learn problem-solving skills under the hidden fun of making their own crafts.

This candy-filled Christmas ornament reminds me of a snow globe. Making this ornament with your kids will create a lasting memory that kids can pull out every year to decorate their Christmas tree.

My teenagers love pulling out their homemade ornaments and reminiscing about when we created them. And that gets them excited to make new ornaments every year.

What can I do with this Candy Cane Craft DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids?

You can make this candy cane Christmas ornament with your kids as a keepsake item or a holiday gift.

Parents and grandparents love receiving a heartfelt homemade gift from the kids in their family.

Once you learn how to fill plastic Christmas ornaments, the sky’s the limit! Make a whole set of bulbs to give to special loved ones during the holiday season.

How to Make this Candy Cane Christmas Ornament Craft with Preschoolers

Grab one plastic or glass ball ornament and remove the cap from the top of the ornament.

Attach the mini candy cane ornament to the inside of the ball ornament’s cap. You can use glue or another adhesive to make sure the mini candy canes are in place.

– Life Over C's Attach a mini candy cane to the top of a clear ornament using glue to create this easy  DIY Christmas ornament for preschoolers.

Using the funnel, fill each plastic ball ornament with white foam snow pebbles until each ornament is about 1/3 of the way full.

– Life Over C's Add fake snow pebbles to the bottom of your clear ornament using a funnel. Fill 1/3 of the way. Easy Christmas ornament craft for preschoolers

Carefully squeeze the mini candy cane ornament into the plastic or glass ball ornament until both the candy cane and cap are secure.

– Life Over C's Easy DIY Christmas ornament craft for preschoolers!

Such an easy glass candy cane ornament craft for the kids! Create an entire collection of them with just a few simple supplies!

– Life Over C's A fun Candy Cane Christmas ornament for preschoolers to make during the Christmas season.

Preparing a Christmas theme for Your Preschoolers

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– Life Over C's A fun Candy Cane Christmas ornament for preschoolers to make during the Christmas season

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