Fine Motor Stitching Winter Snowflake Crafts for Kids

We love making snowflake crafts in the winter! They make the perfect decoration around the house, and it helps us transform our home into a bit of a winter wonderland. One of the great things about paper snowflake crafts for kids is that they require a minimal amount of materials and allow for a large amount of creativity. This Snowflake Stitching Fine Motor Craft For Kids will quickly become your new favorite way to make snowflakes this winter!

Kids will love learning how to sew and create this beautiful snowflake craft activity!

Snowflake Stitching Fine Motor Easy Kid's Craft

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What are the benefits of sewing with kids?

  • Sewing is fabulous for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Sewing is a great activity for kids to express their creativity.  Once they have mastered sewing with pre-made patterns, they may want to create their own patterns to sew with!
  • Knowing how to sew is a good life skill to have!

How To Make This DIY Snowflake Craft For Kids:


  • Yarn or embroidery floss
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock paper
  • Tapestry needle
  • Ruler
Overhead shot of the supplies for the Snowflake Stitching Fine Motor Craft.


To begin this winter snowflake craft, first cut a square shape out of the card stock.   It is better to make it a little larger than you think you will want your snowflake since you can always trim off the excess paper and adjust the size later!  

A needle sitting next to a square piece of construction paper with holes in it for the snowflake stitching craft.

The snowflake template that is provided has points for where you will want to lace through.  Place the template pattern over the card stock and use a needle or thumb pin to pop the holes through.

This will give you a guide of where to stitch through on the card stock.

In order to keep the template and card stock aligned while you punch through the holes, it may be a good idea to use tape to hold the two together.

A needle with blue thread threaded through holes on a piece of blue construction paper.

Next, prepare the needle with embroidery floss or yarn.  Select which color you would like your snowflake to be, thread it through the needle, and tie a knot at the end of the string.

Choose where you would like to begin your stitching.  I would recommend starting from the center, but you can begin wherever you would like!

Draw the needle through the hole you want to be the start of your first stitch.  The side that has the knot on it will be the back of your snowflake.

Tying off the back of the finished Snowflake Stitching Fine Motor Craft.

Once you start stitching toward one of the end points of the snowflake, continue until you reach the end and then draw the needle back to the middle and to the next place you want to stitch on the backside of the snowflake.

Continue to stitch until the pattern is complete!  You can stitch through one hole multiple times if necessary. 

Overhead shot of the finished Snowflake Stitching Fine Motor Craft on a white background.

When you have finished stitching the snowflake pattern, draw the needle to the back side of the snowflake and tie a knot around any stitch on the back side.

Once you have tied the knot, trim off any extra thread you have left.

Your gorgeous snowflake stitching craft is complete!

Other Ideas For This Snowflake Craft Preschoolers Will Love:

  • Cut a rectangular piece of paper instead of a square piece of paper. Stitch snowflakes going across the piece of paper and create a banner of snowflakes!
  • Hole punch the top of your piece of paper and string some ribbon through the hole for an easy snowflake ornament to add to your tree!
  • Try embroidering snowflake shapes onto coffee filters for another fun craft idea! String the coffee filters together for some adorable snowflake garland!
  • Another easy snowflake craft idea for kids is to sew a snowflake onto a large piece of construction paper and use it for a holiday card!
  • One of my favorite parts of a preschool or kindergarten snowflake craft is how excited children get talking about real snowflakes and the fun memories they have made in the snow! You can use this snowflake craft in conjunction with a story telling or story writing activity!

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