Are you looking for a fun activity that teaches kids the alphabet? This fun Christmas spin and stamp activity is a free Christmas alphabet game for preschool. Have fun spinning to see what letter the spinner lands on and then stamping the uppercase or lowercase letter onto this free printable preschool Christmas alphabet game.

Christmas themed Alphabet spin and stamp preschool activitiy

Recommended Grade Level:

Christmas Alphabet Game Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Paper Clip
  • Paper Fasteners
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pads

This is such a fun way to teach your kids the alphabet without stressing. Sometimes learning the English language can be rather tedious for younger kids to grasp. That’s why I love making things like this free Christmas alphabet game for preschool. If you’re a teacher you can easily use this in your classroom to teach preschoolers their letters. If you’re a parent, this is a fun activity to do at home to prepare your child for kindergarten.

How can I help my child learn the alphabet?

Trying to find unique ways to teach your child the alphabet isn’t easy. While you may have learned the ABC’s in one way as a child, there are so many different ways to help your child learn the alphabet nowadays. That’s why I wanted to feature this adorable Christmas spin and stamp activity.

With one free download featuring all 26 letters of the alphabet, you’ll enjoy watching your kids learn the alphabet while spinning and stamping each letter until they start to develop the memorization of which uppercase and lowercase letter is in the alphabet.

child stamping letters on Christmas Alphabet spin and stamp printable activity

How many letters should a 4-year-old know?

A popular question that parents ask is how many letters should a 4-year-old know. While every child is different it’s been said that the average 4-year-old knows approximately 1,500 words, but letters are a different story. If you think about it, your preschooler hears you talking to them and others for many years and that’s why 4-year-olds know more words from speaking than perhaps more letters via the actual alphabet.

This free Christmas alphabet game for preschoolers will help expand your child’s vocabulary and letter recognition so that they can be successful with their academics. You’ll find that the typical age a child learns the alphabet is around 3 or 4 years old, that’s why this free Christmas alphabet game is best for your preschool-age student or child. This is the time they can start to master the skills of letter recognition and retain this knowledge.

This is also great for special needs kiddos who need more practice with the letters of the alphabet than a neurotypical child. Giving them lots of fresh engaging ways to work on the alphabet is so important! Considering some kids, like my daughter, work on alphabet skills for years, having new, hands-on ways to work on letters is essential!

preschooler stamping letters on Christmas Alphabet spin and stamp printable game

How do I use this Free Christmas Alphabet Game for Preschool?

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can use this free Christmas alphabet game for preschool. It’s a relatively simple way to work with your preschooler to learn the ABC’s with ease. This fun game is free to download and you use a spinner to feature each letter as your child uses a stamp to stamp each letter of the alphabet.

Have your preschooler write their name at the top of each free Christmas alphabet game, grab their stamp and spin a letter on the spinner. Once the letter is chosen by the spinner, its’ time for your child to find the matching upper case or lower case letter on the free printable and stamp it.

child spinning simple spinner for Christmas themed alphabet spin and stamp printable game

Repeat this process until your child has completed every letter in the alphabet.

This activity is a fun way to enjoy a game while teaching your preschoolers the letters of our alphabet.

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Kim Staten is a mother of four children ages 20, 19, 16, and 12. Kim has taught at the preschool, kindergarten and early elementary levels for 16 years. With extensive experience working with special needs children, including her own children with special needs (Rett Syndrome, autism, anxiety, and ADHD), she creates hands-on curricula and activities that are great for working with children of all abilities in the classroom and at home. Hands-on, accessible activities are her passion. 

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