I have NEVER been in a preschool room that was quiet for more than 5 minutes at a time. But honestly, productive noise is a great sign of learning that is happening. With these DIY New Year’s Eve noisemaker craft with popsicle sticks, they’ll be able to use their creativity to craft something that makes a lot of noise! These popsicle stick DIY New Years Noisemakers are easy enough for any preschooler to make. If you want a simple preschool craft to keep your students engaged and creative at the end of the year, then I highly recommend you give your hand at this fun preschooler easy New Years craft project.

Kid Made DIY New Year's Eve Noisemaker craft with popsicle sticks.

Learning About Fine Motor Skills:

new years eve ideas for kids

Allowing children to practice using their fingers and hands increases fine motor skills:

These skills are important for brushing teeth, getting dressed, and self-feeding.

These adorably LOUD homemade New Years noisemakers would go perfectly with a kids New Year’s Eve party, or even celebrating a special event.

In addition to learning about fine motor skills, here are some more ideas for what you can teach about when making this New Year’s craft for kids:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Math concepts
  • Language development
  • Self determination
Use bells to make a homemade New Years eve craft for kids

Tools you’ll need

500 jumbo craft sticks

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

What Can Preschoolers Learn By Being Creative?



  • What can we use our noisemaker for?
  • What else can we use to decorate our noisemakers?
  • Describe the sound that the bells make?
  • What fun party games can we play with our diy noise makers?

Why Is It Important For Kids To Be Creative?

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should make your own New Year’s Eve noisemakers:

Following Verbal Directions

Children will practice following verbal directions to create this step by step craft. Following directions comes in handy when trying to complete tasks.

Being Patient

It can be hard for any child to wait, especially when they want to use their new toy or craft immediately. Waiting for any glue to dry and working step by step builds patience in children.

Managing Math Concepts

Your child will develop math concepts such as counting, identifying shapes, sizes, and patterns when they are creating projects.

Fine and Gross Motor Madness

Taping, coloring, gluing, cutting, and painting are great ways to get little hands and finger moving.

More Crafting Inspiration:

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Keep your craft supplies stocked and these inspirational books and craft kits on hand for that moment when inspiration hits!

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How To Use This New Year’s Eve Activity For Kids

New Year’s Eve with kids


Cut tape to the approximate length of the popsicle stick, allowing a small overlap on the ends. Fold the tape around the popsicle stick.

Popsicle sticks and decorative tape used to create a New Years Eve noisemaker craft

If you don’t have decorative tape, you can glue construction paper to the craft stick. Or you can create fun designs with glitter glue or colored hot glue. So many ways to customize this easy DIY project!

You could even paint all of the craft sticks with spray paint ahead of time to make things easier!

Cut a piece of curling ribbon approximately 8 inches long. String 3 bells on the curling ribbon with the bells all facing the same direction.

Kid Made DIY New Year's Eve Noisemaker craft with popsicle sticks.

Wrap the bells around the popsicle stick. With the remaining curling ribbon, wrap around the bells in reverse order and tie ends together tightly to secure.

Create a fun new Years Eve craft for kids

Cut a piece of garland to approximately 6 inches. Weave the garland around the bells and popsicle stick, tucking the end between two bells.

Add additional curling ribbon if desired. Use scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon.

Use bells, popsicle sticks and ribbon to create a simple DIY New Years Eve Noise maker for kids

Then have a blast with your brand new New Year’s Eve Noisemakers DIY as you ring in the new year! Happy New Year!

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Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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New Years popsicle stick noisemakers craft for kids
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