5, 4, 3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just hearing the countdown of numbers I already feel the excitement of ringing in the new year! Whether we have a party, or just stay home, my kids love making fun crafts and decorations to celebrate. This New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Clock Craft for Kids is a super fun and easy craft activity for kids!

Easy New Years Eve Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Recommended Grade Level:

New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Clock Craft Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Black Cardstock
  • Numeral Stickers
  • Star Stickers

I love crafts of any kind, but I especially love crafts that can double as being lots of fun to make and educational. This clock paper plate craft is perfect for any child working on the skill of learning how to tell time!

The Skill Of Telling Time:

Reading an analog clock can be a tricky skill for children to learn.

Even though we are surrounded by digital clocks everywhere we look in this new age of technology, reading an analog clock is still an important skill to teach!

When telling time with an analog clock children can exercise many mathematical skills:

The best way to get kids to learn is through fun, hands on activities!

What better way to make it memorable then by using this adorable New Year’s activity for kids!

How To Make A Paper Plate Clock:

Overhead shot of the supplies for the New Year's Eve Paper Plate Clock Craft.


First you will need to punch holes around the edge of the paper plate. This is GREAT fine motor skill practice for little hands and fingers!

Up close picture of a paper plate with holes punched in it.

Helpful hint: you will want an even number of hole punches!

Next, lace a piece of curling ribbon through two holes and tie to secure. (More good fine motor skill practice!)

Repeat until all holes are filled.

Up close picture of a paper plate with ribbon and a bell for the New Year's Eve Paper Plate Clock Craft.

On the last two holes, add a bell to the curling ribbon as it is laced through the holes. This will be the top of the clock!

Up close picture of two rectangle pieces of construction paper with holes punched in the end of them.

To make the clock hands, cut two strips of card stock to fit the paper plate from the middle edge of the center of the plate (the size will vary depending on how large or small the plate is). Punch a hole through one end of each paper strip.

Overhead picture of a paper plate with two construction paper clock arms riveted into the center of the paper plate.

Using the brad, make a hole through the middle of the paper plate. Fasten the two strips of paper (clock hands) to the paper plate using the brad.

Add numeral stickers or draw numbers on the clock face.

Overhead picture of the completed New Year's Eve Paper Plate Clock Craft.

Curl the ends of the ribbon, add star stickers around the bell, make any final finishing touches you want to add and you’ll have a beautifully decorated countdown clock for New Year’s Eve!

Put your party hats on and get ready to ring in the New Year!

How To Use This Paper Plate Clock:

This clock is an adorable decoration for New Year’s Eve! It also can be used a variety of different ways to practice the skill of telling time!

  • Read the book Bats Around The Clock (a perfect story for New Year’s Eve!) and have your child show the time changes on their clock!
  • Play Simon Says Telling Time Style! (Simon says show me 4:15 on your clock! Simon says show me noon on your clock!)
  • Get your kids moving! Show them a time on the clock and have them replicate it using their arms as the minute hand and hour hand of the clock. (Noon would be two arms pointing straight up to the ceiling. 6:00 would be one hand straight up and one straight down!)

Other Time Telling Activities!

Check out these other free printables and hands on activity ideas for kids learning how to tell time!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

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