I cannot express how excited I’m about this week’s #PlayfulPreschool theme! Life Cycles!!! There are so many fun activities to do, not to mention learning about life cycles is so great for little preschoolers! Watching their minds filled with wonder when they realize all the different life stages of so many things! This fine-motor frog life cycle craft was a total hit in our house! Shiloh even gave us all a big surprise when she was done!

frog life cycle fine motor craft for kids

We started out by creating the frog eggs. Shiloh didn’t understand what we were doing at this point, but picking up the tiny pom poms was great for building her fine-motor skills. I put the glue on the paper and she matched the pom poms to the glue dots.

Learn about the frog life cycle with this fun fine-motor craft for preschoolers.

Then, we created our tadpole.

Because Shiloh doesn’t know how to use scissors yet, I cut out the tail for her. Then I added the glue and she attached the pom pom and eyes.

Now she was getting excited!

Help your preschooler learn about the frog life cycle with this fine-motor craft!

Next, came the frog.

I cut a strip of paper off the short end of the construction paper and made tiny accordion folds. Shiloh thought that was fun!

Building fine-motor skills is so much fun when it involves this super cute frog life cycle craft!

(I missed the shot where she was using it as a headband…)

I cut that strip of paper into fourths for the legs.

After gluing the legs together, we glued a big green pom pom in the center for the body and then added the eyes.

The frog life cycle really comes to life with this adorable fine-motor craft!

We used the 2″ circle punch to cut out some lily pads. We cut a little notch in them just for fun.

Then Shiloh arranged it all for us.

She was not happy when I told her the tadpole couldn’t sit on a lily pad…

Then we worked on language skills….

She was so enamored by the whole craft that she was willing to work!

We practiced: eggs, tadpole (taa-poh!), froggie, and my absolute favorite lily pad (wiwy pahd!).

She was doing so great that I had my husband turn on the video camera, but as things go, as soon as she knew he was recording, she put on her all-knowing grin and refused to open her mouth again…lol!

All in all we had a blast! I hope you will enjoy this as much as we did!

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frog life cycle fine motor craft for kids
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