Combine your kids’ favorite books with the fun reading reward charts found below and get them excited about reading time.

Get kids excited about reading with these free printable reading reward charts. 2 different formats: Space and bubbles included.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials Needed for Reading Reward Charts

  • Paper
  • Clear Velcro Dots
  • Star Buttons
  • Laminating Materials

Please note: due to the small pieces included in this project, be sure to store the reward charts out of reach of small children who may put the small pieces in their mouths.

Choose from a reading reward chart with 10 spaces or 20 depending on your child’s needs. There are 4 reward charts found in the download below.

To prep: Print and laminate the your reading reward chart.

Place the clear ‘hook’ side of a velcro dot pair on each star or bubble on the chart and place the matching ‘loop’ side on the back of your chosen marker.

We used blue vase filler for the bubble chart and start buttons for the outer space chart.

Then, set a goal! 

Goals will differ depending on the age and skill-level of your child.

You can find some excellent ideas for reading goals here with these easy reading logs.

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reading reward charts for kids
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