Okay, so the truth is I’m not a huge football fan. I’m not sure I even know who is going to be playing in the Super Bowl. Gasp! Sorry, but after living outside the United States for nine years, I just sort of stopping paying attention. However, it can be so much fun to throw a Super Bowl party even if your favorite team isn’t playing. Honestly, it’s just another reason to hang with friends. Not that we actually need a reason… Keeping the kids busy while everyone is watching the big game can be a challenge, so I gathered up some fun and educational ideas for the kids. Plus, they are all low-prep, so you can focus on the actual party instead of the kids’ games.

12+ Football Activities for Kids

For the big kids (who actually want to pay attention to the game), this Football BINGO printable is a great activity!

Grab some play dough and these Football themed letter mats for an engaging alphabet activity.

This Letter Recognition football game is also a great way to work on letters during the big game.

Practice number recognition with this super low-prep football number matching game.

Do you have a crafty kid who needs something to do? This simple football paper craft is a great way to keep him busy.

Don’t forget the LEGO! Bring the bricks to the TV room and have fun with this exciting Football Goal game!

This simple Football Matching Game is super fun, plus it actually gets the kids moving instead of sitting for hours. (Let’s be realistic, they aren’t actually going to sit and watch…)

Make a Football sensory bottle for your little ones! Get the toddlers involved with this easy project!

If you can find a store that already has Easter stuff in stock, this Football Sensory bin would be so much fun!

Don’t forget the food! These Football Field Rice Krispie treats are so easy to make!

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– Life Over C's Free football activities for kids.

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  1. AWESOME stuff to keep the kids busy while the adults cheer and holler at the TV. No apologies needed for posting on the weekend; I appreciate all you do and provide to help us teach our children.