Homemade Fall Sensory Bottles for Preschool

Whenever I need to clear my mind, or have a moment of quiet, I always step outside for a few minutes! There is something so soothing about nature. The sounds of the birds chirping, the feeling of the sunshine on my face, and the smell of the fresh air, all do wonders for me! In fall, watching the leaves cascade down from the trees is another part of nature that I find so calming! This Homemade Fall Sensory Bottles for Preschool is a wonderful toddler activity that will capture the relaxing spirit of the fall season in a bottle!

Sensory bottles are so fun and easy to make! Your little ones will love helping to create this fall themed bottle!

Fall Theme Sensory Bottle For Kids

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What Is A Sensory Bottle?

A sensory bottle, also known as a discovery bottle, is a clear container filled with liquid and other small objects.

As little hands shake, spin, and turn the bottle, all of the contents swirl around to create a mesmerizing, calming effect!

If you have a child who is upset or inconsolable, sometimes a a sensory bottle can help to calm their emotions as they focus on the slow and steady movement of the objects!

Sensory bottles, bags, and bins are great for sensory play activities because they stimulate multiple senses and promote brain development!

While sensory bins do make for wonderful learning activities, bottles are sometimes more appropriate for younger children since they are less messy and they are unable to put the tiny objects in their mouths since they are encapsulated in a bottle.

How To Make This Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle:


  • sensory bottle (a clear, plastic water bottle with a lid will do the trick!)
  • leaf confetti
  • one 5 ounce bottle of clear glue
  • water
  • optional: tape or glue to secure the lid


Start with your clear, empty sensory bottle. Pour the entire bottle of clear glue into it.

Add the confetti leaves. This is a good job for your little one, as the picking up of small pieces of confetti is great for fine motor skills!

Fill the remainder of the bottle up with water.

If you wish to seal the bottle (which I recommend!), use tape or hot glue to secure the lid.

Shake the bottle until the contents all move about freely!

More Fall Sensory Activities For Preschoolers:

Sensory play is great for brain development, sparking little ones curiosity, and getting little ones interested in the world around them! Sensory activities don’t have to be super complicated and only require a few simple materials!

Here are more fall sensory play ideas!

  • Gather some fall sensory items from outside and put them into a brown paper bag (leaves, sticks, flowers, acorns, stones). Have your little one reach in the bag without looking and describe the textures they feel!
  • Scooping seeds out of a pumpkin can be a great sensory experience! After you clean off the seeds, you can use them for a math counting or addition activity!
  • Create a counting pumpkins or colors of fall sensory bin!

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