Winter math games are a great way to spice up learning addition facts! Any themed math fact games and activities make dull and boring tasks engaging! Who wants to count with fingers or blocks when you can count with snowballs? I created the Free Printable for Addition to 10 Winter Theme addition mat for kids to practice single digit addition facts to 10. This free winter math activity with a fun snowball theme is sure to bring some life into your math center this winter.

winter theme snowball addition mat

Recommended Grade Level:

Winter Addition Mat Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Paper Cutter/Scissors
  • Laminating Supplies
  • White Pom Poms

Learning Addition to 10 With Games in Kindergarten



Adding to 10 is one of the first skills kids begin to work on after they learn numbers and counting. Addition to 10 worksheets are great ways to assess how students are progressing.

But when it comes to practicing this important skill, winter math worksheets don’t have the same engagement as a fun, winter math game.

I love this winter activity because it can cater to the needs of all learners with easy adaptability. You can use it a number of different ways: addition and subtraction facts, counting, or as a fact fluency game.

On each mat, kids have the opportunity to identify and name numbers, count snowballs, find the sum, and read the equation. 1st grade students gaining fact fluency might even be able to say the sum without counting the snowballs, while a preschool winter mat might focus more on counting the total group of snowballs.

In addition to working on single digit addition, you can use this winter activity to pose additional questions for thought:

  • What are the addends?
  • What’s the sum?
  • What happens if you switch the addends around? Does the sum change?
  • How many in all/altogether?

What Can Kindergarteners Learn From A Snowball Math Mat?



Playing games and working on single digit addition worksheets are great places to introduce and practice vocabulary associated with addition:

  • Sum
  • All together
  • In all
  • Total
  • Add
  • Increase
  • More
Practice addition facts with this cute snowball addition activity. Use the free printable to help visual learners understand the concept of addition.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Play Addition Games?

Children learn best when the learning feels easy and fun. Playing math games encourages practice with a ton of important skills while cleverly disguised as a fun game!

Number Sense: Playing math games improves numbers sense which is the ability to understand, compare/contrast, and relate numbers to each other.

Automaticity: When children effortlessly (automatically) know basic math facts, it makes more complex computations easier.

Vocabulary: Encouraging kids to use math vocabulary while playing games (sum/difference/total/greater than/less than)is a meaningful way to practice.

Cooperative Learning: Simple games with partners or small groups give kids a lot of practice with social skills, like taking turns, following rules, and winning/losing.

How to Make the Winter Theme Addition Mats

To Prep:

Print pages 3-7 on card stock and/or laminate for durability.

Cut out the addition problems and the sum snowballs.

If desired, cut out the snowball counters. Or use pom poms)

To Use:

Select one of the addition problems and place it on the space at the top of the snow scene page.

Select the proper amount of snowballs and place them on the scenery. It helps if you count out one addend of the addition problem at a time. When the snowballs are all on the page, count them to find the sum.

winter addition printable

Ways to Extend the Activity:

Word Problems

It’s always good to tie in real-life word problems to written facts. Use the cards to tell snow stories, like, “I threw 2 snowballs at the cat. He threw 3 back at me! How many snowballs in all?”

Counting Practice

If you child isn’t ready for addition fact fluency, use the mats for counting or number recognition instead. Use the snowball sums. Pick a snowball, identify the number, and count out that many pom poms.

Memory Matching

Use either the fact cards or the sum cards. Create two sets. Then, place them in a grid to play a classic game of Memory.

winter theme snowball addition mat
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