There’s something so magical about being a little kid, looking outside, and seeing snow falling from the sky! It’s such a peaceful and mesmerizing experience. Making sensory bottles is easily one of our favorite activities! Snowflake Winter Sensory Bottle for Preschoolers are the perfect way to captivate the attention of your little ones and capture the spirit of winter into a bottle!

Snow sensory bottle craft for kids.

What Are Sensory Bottles?

DIY sensory bottles like this one are fun and easy to make! Some other names for sensory bottles include calm down sensory bottles, calm down jars, and discovery bottles!

Simply put, a sensory bottle is a bottle that when turned or shaken stimulates the senses. Sensory bottles are also known as calm down bottles because the slow, gentle movement of the contents can be mesmerizing and soothing for an upset child.

To create a sensory bottle you need liquid and a filler!

  • Liquid: A combination of water and another liquid such as clear glue, glitter glue, hair gel, oil, or corn syrup make the base of a sensory bottle. Food coloring can be added to the liquid to create a colorful sensory bottle!
  • Filler: Fillers like glitter, confetti, sequin, beads, or small toys are added to the liquid in a sensory bottle.

Sensory bottles are not only great for sensory development, but they are also wonderful for strengthening fine motor skills! Children will love this winter sensory bottle idea!

How To Make A Winter Sensory Bottle:

Tools you’ll need

16 ounce plastic bottle
1 quart bottle of clear glue

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.


Pour one 6 ounce bottle of glue into the empty clear bottle.

Supplies for making a snowflake sensory bottle.

Fill the empty glue bottle about halfway full (around 1/4 of a cup) with warm water. Put the lid on the glue bottle and shake it up to mix the water and the excess glue.

Clear liquid in a clear bottle.

Pour the mixture from the glue bottle into the clear sensory bottle. Shake or stir to combine the water and glue.

White foam balls inside a clear bottle made half filled with water for making a sensory bottle.

If you are planning on adding glitter or toys to your bottle, add some of them in. (Adding some snowflake shaped toys or glitter can make this into a snowstorm sensory bottle!)

Place the lid onto the sensory bottle and shake the bottle to mix the glitter, toys, glue, and water.

Silver snowflake confetti for a snowflake sensory bottle.

If the glitter and toys move too quickly, add in more clear glue. If the glitter and toys move too slowly, add in more warm water.

Continue to add toys, glitter, water, and glue in small amounts until you have achieved your desired consistency of liquid and amount of toys and glitter in your bottle.

Leave a small amount of space at the top so your liquid does not overflow.

Once you are happy with the way your sensory bottle looks, glue the top on to seal it.

You can cover the lid with winter theme duct tape, or decorate it however you would like!

Snow sensory bottle craft for kids.

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Snowflake Sensory Bottle for preschoolers.
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