Free Squirrel and Acorn Adding to 10 Printable for Fall

Continuing on with our squirrel and acorn love, I created a fun adding to 10 printable for my first grader. Her math program focuses on mastery of all the math facts before moving on to the next level, so she is getting lots of practice with addition right now. The concept of this activity is identical to the addition apple trees that we did back in August.

free adding to 10 printable

Jaida loves anything to do with squirrels right now. In fact, we went to the Smithsonian National Zoo a couple days ago and she kept chasing the squirrels and chipmunks around the zoo more than she admired the pandas and elephant.

However, she was able to have a very intelligent conversation with the zoo workers when they did a small mammal introduction and talk. She had some really great, thoughtful questions to ask them. We determined that she, like the intern she was talking to, wanted to work at that zoo one day. As an awesome homeschooling mom, I was sure to point out to Jaida that she would definitely need to learn how to read and work hard at her math to work at the zoo. (The intern backed me up, so she gets lots of points in my book!)

Whatever it takes…!

To say that Jaida was excited when she saw that her school work was going to include squirrels is a bit of understatement. She was absolutely delighted to help Mr. Squirrel collect his acorns for the winter. There’s no way she would let him starve. (Though apparently she has lost all of the acorns from our neighborhood squirrel excitement last week.)

Anyway, this activity is super easy to put together. 10 minutes tops! Just print, laminate, cut and go!

I laminate every activity that I would like to use more than once. I do not trust my lovely children to be careful enough with the activities to keep them in good condition for more than one use!

kindergartener adding to 10

Using the Adding to 10 Printable

Have the child select one of the addition cards.

Then, use the little acorns to fill up Mr. Squirrel’s basket to figure out the sum of the problem. If you have access to real acorns, I would definitely use them instead of the printable acorns because real-life things are always more fun than paper printouts.

Finally, locate the answer to the addition problem.

That’s it. So easy that Jaida was able to work on it completely independently after we went through the first problem.

If you want a record of what problems your student worked on, you could have them write out the problem in their math notebook. For added reinforcement they could also draw a picture of the acorns for the addition problem.

fall themed squirrel and acorn addition to 10 math mats for kindergarten

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