Learning the parts of a book is an essential part of introducing kids to books. Discovering how to identify the author, title, illustrator are all required to navigate the library easily and find new books to read or locate our favorite books. What better way to learn about the part of the book with this free printable book scavenger hunt set. Use it at the beginning of the school year when you are introducing the library to your students or for a reminder throughout the year to build library skills.

These book scavenger hunts are a great way to learn about the parts of a book and book genres. Kids will love searching through their favorite books!

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Book Scavenger Hunt Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
These book scavenger hunts are a great way to learn about the parts of a book and book genres. Kids will love searching through their favorite books!

Free Printable Book Scavenger Hunts

Heading back-to-school is a great time to remind kids about how to take care of books, what information they can find in a book and what kinds of books are available.

These two free printable book scavenger hunts are perfect for working on those skills.

How to use the Parts of a Book Scavenger Hunt: 

Have each child select one of their favorite books and draw the outside of the book on their scavenger hunt. Then have the children draw a line from each label to the correct part of the book. (My daughter decided to re-write the labels…)

This is a great way to see how much kids know about books and the perfect time to talk to them about how to handle a book correctly.

How to use the Book Genre Scavenger Hunt:

Grab the scavenger hunt and head to the library. (Or your enormous home library!) Let the kids search through the shelves to find books for each genre, then have them write the title and author of each book.

They may even find some new books that they want to read in the process!

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book scavenger hunt printable book genre scavenger hunt and parts of a book scavenger hunt
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  1. Thank you for the download printables. I am always looking for ideas to share in our school library. Our fourth and fifth graders did a genre scavenger hunt today and I see they need more practice.

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