Building a quality home library for my kids is one of my highest priorities for their education. To keep kids on track to read all those amazing books, I’m sharing a fun set of reading logs. Set a reading goal with your child and have them track each day that they meet the goal. It can also be fun to offer them a small reward when they hit their goal for a week!

Suggested Reading Goals:

Listen to someone read a book. 

This is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and new kindergarteners who can’t read independently. Get them engaged in the reading by asking:

What do you think will happen next?

What do you see on the page?

Read one on-level book. 

An on-level book is one that a child can read independently and they know most of the words.

This is a good challenge for any reader because it works with their capabilities. A child who has a difficult time reading will be challenged by reading one short book and a child who loves reading will soar through a chapter book easily.

Read for 20, 30 or 60 minutes.

Adjust the length of the reading time according to age. Older readers should spend at least 30 minutes reading each day.

No matter what goal you set, your child will feel accomplished when they see it tracked on these fun themed reading logs.

To get started with the themed reading logs, simply print the reading logs printable below. Choose a theme and hang it in a place where your child will easily see it each day.

Every day that your child reaches their goal, have them write the title of the book and give it a rating. This will help you see books that they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy so that you can easily suggest other books that they will enjoy.

After they have met their goal for five days, have them draw a picture of their favorite book for the week.

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