I remember, growing up, I was fascinated with outer space and space travel. I didn’t care too much for other types of science, but astronomy always caught my interest. My girls have followed suit. So we’ve made a list of the 101 best books about space for kids. I’ve included both fiction books and non-fiction space books appropriate for a number of grade levels. Little kids that like to memorize facts about each planet, the stars, moon, galaxy, and of course the Milky Way, will delve into the colorful illustrations and be thrilled!

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– Life Over C's Text overlay 101 space books for kids with covers of nine space themed books showing on image

Whether you are doing an outer space unit study or simply reading with your child at home, these books are a perfect cross between fun and facts. Grab a few of these fantastic books and watch your kids be wowed!

How do you teach kids space?

Teaching kids about space can be an exciting journey filled with wonder and exploration. Introduce them to the vast universe by incorporating resources like NASA’s educational materials, astronomy books tailored for young readers, and captivating visuals of satellites and spaceships.

Dive into the history of space missions with an autobiography by Buzz Aldrin, or discuss the story of Venetia Burney, the first kid that named Pluto. Ignite their curiosity and provide a foundational understanding of our cosmos, inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts.

On Life Over C’s we share 75+ great activities for learning about space. You can find all of our space activities for kids here: Space Activities for Kids

Table of Contents

Fun Outer Space Books

Dive into captivating narratives and interactive experiences, from pop-up books that bring the lunar surface to life, to young readers’ edition designed to ignite curiosity and inspire a love for space exploration from an early age. Whether you’re seeking educational insights or enchanting visuals, discover engaging titles that will transport readers on an interstellar adventure without leaving the comfort of home.

Picture Books about Space

Picture books about space play a pivotal role in captivating young minds and sparking curiosity about the cosmos. Designed with vibrant illustrations and intriguing facts, these books not only entertain but also educate, weaving together captivating visuals and accessible information to wow young readers. By immersing children in imaginative narratives and accurate depictions, picture books about space ignite a passion for exploration, fostering a lifelong interest in astronomy and space science from an early age.

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By Astronaut Mark Kelly



Rocket the Space Giraffe

By Suzanne Shepard



The Darkest Dark

By Astronaut Chris Hadfield



Orion and the Dark

By Emma Yarlett



If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon

By Joyce Lapin



Moon A Peek-Through Picture Book

By Britta Teckentrup



Moon! The Earth’s Best Friend

By Stacy McAnulty



If You Decide to Go to the Moon

By Faith McNulty



There Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe

by Chris Ferrie



There Was an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon

By Lucille Colandro



There Was an Old Martian Who Swallowed the Moon

By Jennifer Ward



The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

by Joanna Cole



Pete the Cat Out of This World

By James Dean



Curious George Gets a Medal

By H.A. Rey



Where’d the Moon Go?

by Jane E. Chanaca



Moon’s First Friends

By Susanna Leonard Hill



I Took the Moon for a Walk

ByCarolyn Curtis and Alison Jay



Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

by Eric Carle



Max and the Tag-along Moon

By Floyd Cooper



My Little Golden Book About the First Moon Landing

By Chip Lovitt



Stella’s Starry Adventure

by K.P. Zowal



Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars

By Meg Codts



How the Stars Fell into the Sky

By Jamie Oughton



Clara and the Constellations

by Allie Davis



How to Catch a Star

By Oliver Jeffers



Star in the Jar

By Sam Hay



5 Little Dwarf Planets

by K.J. Field



Ninja’s Go Into Space

By Mary Nhin



Luna Lucy

By Lisa Van Der Widen



Arial, the Astronaut

by Mary Nhin



Aliens Love Underpants

by Claire Feedman & Ben Cort



Nuts in Space

by Elys Dolan



Otter in Space

by Matheuz Hetfield



Stars (Classic Board Books)

by Mary Lyn Ray



A Place for Pluto

by Steve Wade



Goodnight, Astronauts

by Adman Gamble



Goodnight, Spaceman

by Michelle Robinson

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Famous People in Space

Teaching children about famous people in space bridges their backyard telescope views with real-life adventures and achievements, inspiring a tangible connection to the cosmos. Introducing them to a good biography about astronauts and space pioneers transforms distant stars into relatable stories, fueling curiosity and making space exploration both fascinating and accessible from an early age.



Mae Among the Stars

by Rosa Ahmed



Mae Jemison

by Mary Nhin



Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13

by Helaine Becker



I am Neil Armstrong (Ordinary People Change the World)

by Brad Meltzer



Leland Melvin, Leaders Like Us

by J.P. Miller



My Journey to the Stars

by Scott Kelly

Alphabet Space Books for Kids

Space-themed alphabet books for kids intertwine essential early childhood learning with the captivating realm of space exploration. By merging the fundamentals of the alphabet with cosmic wonders, these books not only reinforce crucial literacy skills but also ignite young imaginations, making the learning journey both engaging and memorable.



Alphabet in Space

by R.M. Smith



A is for Astronaut



R is for Rocket

by Tad Hills



ABC Universe



ABC’s of Space



Exploring Space A to Z

Multi-Sensory Space Books for Preschoolers

It’s never too early to explore space with little ones. Multi-sensory books are a great way to give kids the hands-on sensory experiences they need while also introducing fascinating facts about our universe.



Trace and Chase Journey in Space



Touch & Feel Outer Space



Pop-Up Peekaboo Space



Lift the Flap Look Inside Space



Peek a Flap Space

by Jaye Garnett



First Explorers Astronauts



The Pop-Up Gude: Space



Soaring Spaceship A Touch and Feel Board Book



Our Solar System Touch and Feel Board Book



My Best Ever Pop-Up Space Book



I Heart Pluto



Where’s the Astronaut? Board Book



Journey to the Moon: A Pop-Up Lunar Adventure



Touch the Brightest Star

Children’s Math Books About Space

Educators know the importance of tying math concepts to real world concepts and examples. It’s the best way to keep kids engaged and help them understand how mathematical concepts actually apply to the real world.



On the Launch Pad

by Michael Dahl



Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes



A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

Non-Fiction Books About Space

Introducing kids to non-fiction books about space, featuring figures like Patrick O’Brien, Bruce Betts, and Margaret Hamilton, enriches their understanding of the universe while highlighting key contributors to space science, sparking admiration and curiosity.



Me, and My Place in Space

by Joan Sweeney



The Moon Book

by Gail Gibbons



Exploring the Solar System

by Jill McDonald



8 Little Planets of the Solar System



My Amerlia Sealey



Space (Step into Reading)

by Joe Rhatigan



There’s No Place Like Space

by Tish Rabe



The Solar System for Kids: Learn about the Planets, the Sun & the Moon



National Geographic Readers: Night Sky

by Stephanie Warren Drimmer



National Geographic Kids Plants

by Elizabeth Carney



Roaring Rockets

by Tony Mitton

Factoid Books About Space

Sharing quick facts about the international space station, or the planets in the galaxy, is a really fun way to generate interest among young learners. Keep these books handy for those moments when you have a few minutes between activities or you want to spice up a day heading sideways.




by DK Smithsonian



The Ultimate Book of Space

by Anne-Sophie Baumann



Solar System for Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to Planets, Dwarf Planets and Everything Circling Our Sun



National Geographic Kids Everything Space



Super Cool Space Facts: A Fun, Fact-Filled Space Book for Kids

Space Themed Series’ for Kids



Luna Lucy

by Lisa Van Der Wielen



Luna Lucy and the Planets

by Lisa Van Der Wielen



Rylee the Young Rocketeer

by JoAnn M. Dickinson



Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars

by JoAnn M. Dickinson



Luna Muna

by Kellie Gerardi



Luna Muna: Space Cafe

by Kellie Gerardi



Hello, World! Solar System

by Jill McDonald



Hello, World! Moon Landing

by Jill McDonald



Hello, World! Planet Earth

by Jill McDonald



I am Moon

by Rebecca and James McDonald



I am the Solar System

by Rebecca and James McDonald



I am the Sun

by Rebecca and James McDonald

Books About Astronauts for Kids



I Want to Be an Astronaut

by Ruby Brown & Alisa Coburn



Astronaut Handbook

by Meghan McCarthy



I Want to be… an Astronaut

by Becky Davies



When I’m an Astronaut

by Dr. Samantha Pillay



If I Were an Astronaut

by Eric Brown

Books About Stars and Constellations for Kids

Books about stars and constellations captivate young imaginations, offering a glimpse into the mysteries of the night sky. Through vivid illustrations and engaging narratives, these books inspire curiosity, fostering a deeper appreciation for the celestial wonders above.



Our Stars

by Anne Rockwell



The Big Dipper Let’s Read and Find Out Science

by Franklyn M. Branley



Constellations for Kids: An Easy Guide to Discovering the Stars

by Kelsey Johnson



Star Gazing: A Guide to the moon, Sun, Planets, Stars, Eclipses, and Constellations

by Meg Thacher



Zoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations

by Jaqueline Mitton


Books can have such a positive impact on what children understand and learn. These books will help teach kids all about Outer Space including the moon, stars, planets and more. Whether it is because they are super interested in it or you feel it is a topic they should learn about, these books are spectacular for a home collection or classroom library!

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– Life Over C's Text overlay 101 space books for kids with covers of nine space themed books showing on image
– Life Over C's Text overlay 101 space books for kids with covers of nine space themed books showing on image

Have you read any of these books before? We’d love to hear which ones you love!

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