So, here’s the deal – teaching all the letters and sounds to every single student can be a bit of a challenge, right? But fear not, my fellow teacher! It’s all about being patient and mixing things up. Those little learners of yours? They need loads of chances to get to know these quirky shapes we call letters, each with its own name and sound. I know you’ve pondered this (because you’re the awesome teacher that you are!). Wrangling the alphabet into little minds is no easy feat, which is exactly why I whipped up these fun Free Printable Letter D Alphabet Worksheets just for you. You’re welcome!

Preschool and kindergarten students will practice the letter d with these free letter tracing worksheets and letter sounds worksheets.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Letter D Alphabet Worksheets

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Writing Utensils
  • Crayons

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Skills from Letter D Alphabet Worksheets



These are NOT your average letter recognition worksheets! They easily transform into hands-on learning to provide invaluable practice with everything alphabet: letter names, letter sounds, letter formations, and more!

I swear, I would NEVER just hand my kids a worksheet and turn them loose! The Letter D worksheets should be used intentionally to practice the skill(s) you are focusing on.

Preschool letter worksheets might be more about recognizing and discerning between uppercase and lowercase letters, while older students are more ready to begin tackling correct letter formation with worksheets.

I love the diversity of the Letter D worksheets for preschool and kindergarten because you can pick and choose what you want your students to practice. You can adapt as necessary, and even provide hands-on manipulatives to use instead of just pencil and paper.

Here are a few of the potential skills to focus on using the kindergarten letter worksheets:

  • Letter Tracing: THREE different versions, depending on abilities/motor skill development
  • Cut and Sort: uppercase vs. lowercase and first sound pictures
  • Read and Color: sight words/first sound/CVC and CVCC words
  • Find the Letter Worksheets: I Spy and grid formats
  • Roll and Write: A fun dice game to practice writing Letter D
  • Rainbow Writing: A colorful way to complete a tracing letter worksheet
  • First Sound: Pictures and words to help children hear the /d/ sound at the beginning of words
  • Do-a-dot Marker: Large letter shapes to help young learners explore Letter D

Teaching the Letter D with the Letter D Alphabet Worksheets



Working with the alphabet helps children begin to understand that these funny shapes we call letters have a specific purpose and help us crack a code we call reading. Letter tracing worksheets, free, give necessary repeated practice.

Help your students understand the bigger picture with questions like:

  • What are the letters in your name?
  • How many sounds do you have in your name?
  • What other words start with the /d/ sound?
  • Does letter D have curvy lines, straight lines, or both?
  • Which lowercase letters look the same as its uppercase letter?

More Reasons to Love the Letter D Alphabet Worksheets

Establishing Fundamental Skills: These alphabet worksheets act as a structured guide to language mastery. They systematically guide you through the ABCs, forming a foundation for proficient reading, writing, and communication skills.

Engaging Learning Through Activities: Designed for young learners, these hands-on worksheets incorporate various activities to accommodate different learning styles. They offer a comprehensive and enjoyable approach to mastering essential skills.

Reinforcement through Practice: Consider these free alphabet worksheets as a valuable tool for reinforcing your knowledge of letters, their sounds, and visual representations. Utilizing diverse activities is essential for strengthening your understanding.

Preparation for Academic Success: Before entering the classroom, these alphabet worksheets serve as a preparatory resource. They instill confidence in working with letters, ensuring readiness for more advanced language skills.

Refining Motor Skills: Although tracing letters and coloring may seem simplistic, these activities play a significant role in developing fine motor skills. They provide a preview of the skills necessary for proficient writing.

Tailoring Learning Experiences: These flexible worksheets can be adjusted by educators to accommodate different proficiency levels. This personalized approach ensures that each learner receives appropriate and effective instruction.

Family Involvement in Learning: Parents, take note – these alphabet worksheets extend beyond the classroom. They offer an opportunity for family involvement, supporting your child’s learning journey at home and reinforcing concepts introduced in class.

Foundational Steps to Literacy: Mastering the alphabet is the initial step toward becoming proficient in reading and writing. These worksheets lay literacy groundwork, aiding in letter recognition, word formation, and the eventual construction of sentences.

Diverse Application for Continuous Learning: Available in various formats, these letter D alphabet worksheets can be seamlessly integrated into lessons, homework assignments, or utilized for additional practice.

Visual Discrimination

Identifying letters (both lower and uppercase) encourages kids to use visual cues to discern between them. This is an important skill when later discerning letters to decode words.

Improve Understanding

As children learn to name uppercase and lower case letters and sounds, it helps them connect to what “reading” really means and gives them valuable insight and background to the idea that they, too, will soon learn to read!


The goal is for children to effortlessly recognize letter names and sounds interchangeably before they begin to put the pieces together to learn to read. If recalling sounds is too laborious, it will be difficult for a child to read with fluency.

Build Confidence

Kids learn with time and repetition to accurately name all of the letters and sounds. Imagine how proud they feel when they accomplish such a lofty goal!

How to Use the Free Printable Letter D Alphabet Worksheets

To Prep:

Just print the letter D alphabet printables.

To Use:

Kids can use the letter recognition worksheets to write the letter D, sort sounds, and sort uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

Once the tracing letter worksheets are laminated, use the traceable letter worksheets-free-over and over again!

First Sound Cards

If you download my whole set of alphabet printables, you can use the Find and Color pages for each letter at the literacy center to help build first sound fluency.

Reusable Pages

Laminate the traceable letter worksheets for free and use dry erase markers for easy, repeated practice on letter formation and fine motor skills.

Playdough Mats

The do-a-dot Letter D page lends itself to a nice playdough mat. Protect the page with laminating film or pockets, and allow students to roll, squish and sculpt playdough letters.

Sensory Bin

Hide letters in the sensory bin and ask students to search for uppercase and lowercase D. Use one of the free letter tracing worksheets to place the Ds on when found.

Make a D Book

Students that are ready for sight word reading can staple the Read and Color pages together to make a Letter D book for practice.

Play a Game

Many of the pages in the Letter D packet can easily be converted into simple games where students get practice rolling dice, taking turns, and placing or moving objects onto a “gameboard.”

What is included in the Letter D Alphabet Worksheets set?

Inside the Letter D Alphabet Worksheets set you will find 30 easy-print pages of activities to get your little ones excited about learning the alphabet!

  • 9 Alphabet Tracing Worksheets
  • 3 Sets of Alphabet Sorts: Uppercase/Lowercase Sorts, Beginning Sound Sorts, and Letter Recognition Sorts
  • Reading and Coloring Alphabet Pages
  • Alphabet Mazes
  • Alphabet I Spy
  • Alphabet Rainbow Write
  • Roll and Trace Alphabet Worksheet
  • Things That Start with…. Alphabet Activities
  • Read and Color Simple Word Alphabet Worksheets

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Students will love these letter recognition worksheets all about the letter d!
Preschool and kindergarten students will practice the letter d with these free letter tracing worksheets and letter sounds worksheets.
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