Pattern blocks are a wonderful math manipulative that kids love! They have many other uses besides teaching math.  Kids love using pattern blocks because they are open-ended and feel like play. 

The small, colorful shapes are perfect for making learning hands on and engaging.  My kids LOVE plastic pattern blocks. They can follow mats or create their own designs. Preschoolers will love building letters and practicing their alphabet with these Free Printable Uppercase Alphabet Pattern Block Letters!

Free printable uppercase alphabet pattern block template

When introducing uppercase letters, discuss how they differ from lowercase letters. When do we use upper and lower case letters? Write some words on a paper or whiteboard and have children point out the upper and lowercase letters. The English alphabet uses lowercase letters more often, so it is important that children recognize and know the difference.

What Can Kids Learn With This Pattern Block Activity?

  These bright and interactive pattern block printables can be used to practice many skills.

  • Letter Identification & formation
  • Letter Sounds
  • Counting
  • Shape Identification–a great addition to a math center

This activity also strengthens fine motor skills!

Letter A Pattern Block mat for uppercase letters free printable for preschool and pre-k literacy centers

How To Prepare These Free Pattern Block Templates:

Print out this free printable of alphabet pattern block mats. Laminate the pages or use dry erase pouches for reusability.

Place pattern blocks on the uppercase letter pattern block mat to form the uppercase letter 'a' with this free printable literacy center for preschoolers.

How To Use These Alphabet Block Patterns For Preschoolers:

Choose a letter to start with. You can work from A-Z or do the letters completely randomly.  

The letters of a child’s name is also a great place to start!

Discuss the letter, beginning sounds, and the pictures on each page.

Next, build the letter with the pattern blocks, using the diagram on the sheet. Last, the child traces the letter with a dry erase marker.

Create letters of the alphabet with these free printable uppercase letter pattern block mats for kindergarten literacy activities

Discuss the pictures on the left side. These are all pictures of words that begin with the letter on the mat. This is a great way to practice beginning sounds.

The last step is to count the number of each shape used, integrating math skill practice into our literacy stations and saving time in your learning day! We count the number of each block and write them inside the block picture.

Create uppercase letters with these free printable literacy activities for pre-k. Build uppercase letters with pattern blocks and identify beginning sounds of words.

Other Ways To Use These Printable Pattern Block Templates:

  • Choose a letter and have the child find something that starts with that letter.
  • Have the child form the letter with their body or trace it in the air.
  • Pair this activity with a letter of the day/week activity.
  • Check out these awesome alphabet themed books to go along with your pattern block alphabet activity!  See if your child can search and find the uppercase and lowercase letters they have been practicing and identify them by themselves.

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Free beginning sounds alphabet mats with uppercase letters in pattern blocks for kindergarten literacy centers.
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