Printable Unicorn Emotions Board Game

I don’t know what it is about unicorns, but kids just adore them! Pretend play with unicorns is a great way to explore the worlds of their imagination. Today, I’m sharing a fun unicorn emotions board game that you can easily print, and enjoy over and over again. Readers have been loving our emotions board game for years and this NEW printable emotions board game is unicorn themed perfect for combining pretend play and social-emotional learning. This is a fun way to help your preschoolers and kindergarteners learn about emotions.

Teach social-emotional skills easily with this free printable unicorn themed emotions board game for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

From facial recognition to the words for each emotion and everything in between, you can help your child learn to express their emotions correctly when you play this unicorn emotions board game together.

It’s really not easy being a kid.

I know that my kids go through so many emotions that sometimes I have no idea how to keep up. Kids are constantly growing and switching how they feel about different things, combine that with peers and community activities, you never know what emotion the kids may walk in the door with.

That’s why I love creating games like this unicorn emotions board game! When I created our more traditional emotions board game a few years ago, I had no idea how popular it would become. Every month, thousands of readers download the game to play with their kids.

But adding a new theme is a great way to keep kids interested in an activity that they need to continue reviewing.

This unicorn theme emotions board game is a fun way to help kids learn how to embrace their emotions and express them regularly. It’s so much easier to be a parent to children who’ve learned how to express their feelings in a healthy manner!

This Free Printable Emotion Game for Preschool are great for talking to your preschooler about their emotions.

Supplies Needed for Unicorn Emotions Board Game

  • Paper
  • Laminating pouches & laminator (optional)
  • Game Markers

Prepping the Unicorn Emotions Board Game

Print the unicorn emotions board game template on paper or card stock. Print the unicorn emotions game pieces.

After you’ve printed all of your game pieces and the game board for your unicorn emotions board game laminate the pieces for durability.

Cut out each of the game pieces so that they’re able to be used as playing cards for the unicorn emotions board game.

This Free Printable Emotion Game for Preschool are great for talking to your preschooler about their emotions.

To Play:

Place your marker on the “Start” of the board game. Place all the cards upside-down on the “Card Draw Pile”.

Choose a player to go first.

Unicorn themed free printable emotions activity for kids to learn about social-emotional skills.

The player will draw a card from the pile and read the emotion from the card. Then the player will move his game marker to the next space that matches that emotion.

If a “star” card is drawn the player will head to the closest star space, even if it is behind him. He should answer the question that is on the star card.

This free printable Unicorn Themed Emotions activity is fantastic for teaching kids about emotions and emotion regulation.

This is a great game to open up a dialogue about how your children are feeling. Playing this unicorn emotions board game will help you discuss emotions with the kids and how different situations make you feel.

Younger children may have a difficult time sharing their feelings, but they can use the unicorn emotions board game pieces to share a picture of what they’re feeling. Being able to have a tool like this for younger children to point to an object that shows how they’re feeling is a wonderful way to help your child be better at sharing how they feel throughout the day.

This Free Printable Emotion Game for Preschool are great for talking to your preschooler about their emotions.

Being able to play an emotions board game with your children and encourage them to share their feelings is an excellent way to start having a high level of emotional intelligence to take on anything that is tossed your way during childhood and life in general.

Free printable unicorn emotions game for preschoolers to learn about emotions

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