Do you remember those space rocks that I made? They have been providing hours of play and learning this week. The very first thing we did with them was create sensory bin that included all the planets (not poor Pluto much to the dismay of my children.) This free solar system printable includes, not only the planets, but astronauts, a rocket ship, and alien in a UFO and shooting stars. Lots of fun!

Free solar system printable for sensory bins, play dough or pretend play. A fun addition to a solar system theme!
Free solar system printable for sensory bins, play dough or pretend play. A fun addition to a solar system theme!

To prep: Print, laminate and cutout the free solar system printable.

The printable had actually been sitting on my desk, already laminated, ready to cut out for a couple weeks. But it had never seemed like the right time to put together the sensory bin until now! My first grader has been begging me since I printed it.

Because it’s not possible to get actual toys here that relate to the solar system, these printables took their place. Plus, if I hadn’t left them sitting on my desk for two weeks, they really could have gone from printer to sensory bin in less than five minutes.

I’m a *bit* of a procrastinator.

So, with our space rocks ready, I added the solar system printables and blast off!

My two youngest children got right to playing!

Jaida decided that the astronauts needed to go for a ride on their rocket ship.

solar system printable

She followed it up with one of them riding on Neptune with a shooting star in the background, but I didn’t get a good picture. 🙁

You know how I was saying that sensory bins are not just for little kids? I woke up the next morning to an elaborate display in the bin created by one of my older daughters and sadly it was disassembled before I could get a picture of it.  (I’m noticing a bad pattern here!)

As usual we had so much fun with it, that I just have to share it with you!

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space themed pretend play printable activity for sensory bins and play dough
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