This Space Roll and Count Dice Game is the perfect way for kids to work on hands on math activities. The kindergarten counting game gives children an opportunity to practice counting, adding, and writing skills.

This space theme kindergarten counting game is the perfect hands on math activity.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Space Theme Roll and Count Math Dice Game

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Paper Cutter
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Dice

Stars, planets, the sun, asteroids- all things kids are fascinated by. Well, to be honest, these out of this world objects amaze me too.

Another phenomenon of outer space that kids are amazed by are aliens. Do they exist? What would they look like? I can’t picture kiddos not being excited about an outer space theme and exploring the vast space around our planet.

Counting Games For Kindergarten

math enrichment activities


  • What other ways can I write the number 4?
  • Which number is larger, 2 or 5?
  • What is the total of 1 and 6?

Number sense is an important concept for our kids in order to understand how numbers work and how they relate to one another.

Before playing the space theme kindergarten counting game with kids, make sure they can identify and understand what the dots on the dice mean.

While I recommend using the adorable and colorful alien counters, you can also use other objects like star stickers or laminated alien pictures.

It’s easy to fit this space themed activity for kindergarten anytime throughout your day. What a prefect hands-on activity for math centers, small groups, or individual practice.

In addition to learning about addition practice for kindergarten here are some more ideas for what you can teach about using the Space Roll and Count Dice Game :

Space theme kindergarten math activity. Roll the dice, count the correct number of objects, and write the number.

Addition Centers For Kindergarten

fun math activities for kindergarten


  • How is adding like counting?
  • What is the biggest number on a die?
  • If I roll two dice, which number is bigger?
  • If you try the activity again, will you get the same results?
Space theme kindergarten math activity to practice simple addition. Roll the dice twice, count the correct number of objects for each number rolled, and write the addition sentence.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Do Counting Activities?

Besides the fact that kids love a space theme in preschool and kindergarten, there are many other reasons you should practice math concepts with the Space and Roll Dice Game.

Writing Skills

Writing the number on the counting worksheet game can include kids writing in different ways to show the same number. This can include writing words, making dots, or writing the number symbol.

Encouraging Subitizing

Subitizing is the ability to quickly look at an amount and determine the quantity without counting. The math worksheet activity for preschool gives kids an chance to practice subitizing and visual recognition skills.

Taking Turns

The counting activity for kindergarten can be the perfect opportunity for children to work together with a peer or in a small group. The game is a great way for kids to practice taking turns and sharing.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills can be practiced using this dice rolling game by moving counters, writing and drawing numbers. You can use tiny fingers to roll and pick up dice.

How To Use This Space Roll and Dice Game

How to Use the Activity

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  • Print and laminate the activity for durability.

Using the Kindergarten Addition Center Printable:

Add the Space Roll and Count activity for the perfect preschool theme! Kids can use these to write their numbers, practice one-to-one correspondence, and complete simple addition and subtraction problems.

Once the posters are laminated, there a many learning activities you can use them for, including using dry erase markers.

Space theme kindergarten roll and count math activity.

Solar System Play

I am obsessed with this intergalactic solar system printable. Use these cute cut outs to tell a story problem with the aliens and the Space Roll and Count game.

Sort and Graph

Which type of alien is the most? Which group has the least? Have your child sort the aliens into groups and graph the information to find out.

Alien Patterns

After completing the Space Roll and Count activity, use the adorable little space aliens to create different patterns.

Sensory Bin

Hop into your space shuttles and take a ride toward the Milky Way. Use this printable alongside the Space Rock Sensory Bin!

Counting Skills

Work on counting skills with these fun space ship counting mats! What a fun math game!

Write a Story

Help your students write a story about the silly aliens that live in their outer space planet. Be creative and encourage many descriptive words and ideas.

Getting Ready for Your Space Theme?

Stock your library with the BEST Space Books for Kids!

Explore outer space through engaging, multi-sensory books that your kids are just going to LOVE!

Space theme kindergarten counting game.
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