As educators and parents it is important that we offer a multitude of different way to explore new skills like letter recognition. And while doing that we try far away from boring worksheets that make them disinterested in writing and are not developmentally appropriate. These free printable Letter T Alphabet worksheets, however, are so much more. We don’t recommend a letter of the week curriculum, but these letter T alphabet worksheets for preschoolers are a hands on group of letter recognition worksheets that prepare our kids for reading and writing. They also provide engaging, hands-on tactics for authentic work.

Free printable letter T alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Recommended Grade Level:

Printable Letter T Worksheet Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Crayon/Pencil
  • Dot Marker
  • Dice

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Letter T Alphabet Worksheets for Kids

letter worksheets for preschool


  • What letters look like the letter T?
  • How can I use lines to write the letter T?
  • How does a capital letter T look different than a lower case letter t?
  • Why are the three lines important for tracing or writing letters?

The letter tracing worksheets (free) can be used for preschool and/or Kindergarten students. The BEST part is when you laminate the printable activities you can reuse them time and time again.

The free letter tracing worksheets will allow your child to practice skill such as:

  • Tracing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Independently writing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Sorting letters and letter sounds
  • Reading simple sight words and sentences and coloring page
  • Fine motor skills with dot-the-letter
  • Fine motor skills with playdough mat
  • Roll (dice, count, and write)

I love all of the differentiation in the tracing letter worksheets! Using multiple ways of teaching and learning there are many great ways for kids to learn and have fun!

Need additional materials for writing centers? I’ve got you covered! Have a child that needs extra practice with fine motor skills? Look no further!

In addition to learning about letters and letter formation here are some more ideas for what you can teach about using the preschool letter worksheets:

  • What other letters have straight lines like T?
  • How many T’s did you count? Can you find and color them?
  • Can you show me how your mouth moves when you say “T”? Describe that to me.
  • What’s the next letter of the alphabet?

What skills are taught on the Letter T Alphabet Worksheets?

letter sounds worksheets


  • How do I best sort the pictures of things that do and do not start with the ‘T’ sound?
  • What materials can I use to create a letter T?
  • Can you tell the difference between the letter T and the letter I? How do they look the same? Different?

Building Reading and Writing Skills with Letter T Alphabet Worksheets

Alright, let’s break it down in simple terms:

Getting the Basics Right: So, these alphabet worksheets? They’re like your roadmap to language mastery. They take you through the ABCs in a structured way, setting you up for rocking reading, writing, and talking skills.

Seeing and Doing – Fun Combo: For the little learners out there, these hands-on worksheets are the real deal. Packed with hands-on activities, they cater to all kinds of learning styles. Easy peasy, right?

Practice Makes Perfect: Imagine these free alphabet worksheets as your secret weapon. They’re your go-to for reinforcing what you know about letters, their sounds, and how they look. Mixing it up with different activities? That’s the key to solidifying your knowledge.

Ready for School Success: Before kids even hit the classroom scene, these alphabet worksheets have your back. They prep you for the basics of language, boosting your confidence with letters and getting you ready for the real deal.

More Ways to Build Skills with Letter T Alphabet Worksheets

Fine-Tuning Those Skills: Tracing letters and coloring inside the lines might sound like kid’s play, but it’s a big deal for those little hands. It’s like a sneak peek into the skills you’ll need when you’re ready to rock some writing.

Your Way, All the Way: These worksheets? Super flexible. Teachers can tweak them to match your level, making sure everyone gets exactly what they need. It’s like a personalized learning experience just for your students.

Family Bonding Time: And guess what? Parents, these alphabet worksheets aren’t just for the classroom. Parental support in education is so important! You can jump in on the action at home, supporting what’s happening in class and making sure your kiddo’s got those letters down pat.

Stepping Stone to Reading and Writing: Nailing the ABCs is like the first step to becoming a reading and writing champ. These worksheets lay down the foundation – recognizing letters, building words, and eventually, crafting those awesome sentences.

Mix It Up – Stay Versatile: These letter T alphabet worksheets? They come in all shapes and sizes. Use them in your lessons, throw them into your homework, or just snag some extra practice. Stay versatile, keep learning, and own those alphabet vibes! 🚀

Develop Creativity

Kids feel important when they have attempted and succeed in a task. When children experiment with writing and drawing, they are able to explore creativity and self expression.


The preschool worksheets for the letter T give children an opportunity to practice basic writing skills. When children start to write they discover that words and sentences are used to communicate ideas with others.

Fine Motor Skills

Holding a pencil or writing tool is a great way to develop age appropriate fine motor skills with fingers and hands. The letter T preschool worksheets help guide little fingers to do big tasks.

Cognitive Skills

When children write to communicate they need to process information and problem solve where each letter and word should go within a sentence. Processing information is an important step in cognitive thinking and the writing process.

How to Use the Free Printable Letter T Alphabet Worksheets

To Prep:

Just print the letter T activities sheets.

To Use:

Kids can use these to write the letter T, sort sounds, and sort uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

Once the worksheets are laminated, there are many learning activities you can use them for, including using dry erase markers.

What is included in the Letter T Alphabet Worksheets Set?

You will find 30 hands-on alphabet activities included in the free printable Letter T Worksheet set. Lots of ways to differentiate and meet the needs of your kiddos!

  • 9 Alphabet Tracing Worksheets
  • 3 Sets of Alphabet Sorts: Uppercase/Lowercase Sorts, Beginning Sound Sorts, and Letter Recognition Sorts
  • Reading and Coloring Alphabet Pages
  • Letter T Mazes
  • I Spy the Letter T
  • Alphabet Rainbow Write
  • Roll and Trace Alphabet Worksheet
  • Things That Start with…. Alphabet Activities
  • Read and Color Simple Word Alphabet Worksheets

Look for the Letter

Have your child find picture of objects (toys, animals, food) that start with the letter ‘T’. They can find these on the internet, in magazines, books, or even while taking a walk outside.

Create a Book

Using the Read and Color alphabet printables, children can create their own letter ‘T’ book to share with a friend or family member.

Writing Tools

Give your kiddos different writing tools to provide additional excitement at the literacy center. These could include gel pens, smelly markers, character pencils, dot markers or paint markers.

Sensory Bin

Have children identify words that begin with the letter T while digging around in a sensory bin for objects or pictures beginning with the sound (tiger, taco, telephone).

Playdough Fun

Check out these fun and adorable food playdough mats to pair with the free beginning sounds worksheets. They focus on foods that start with different beginning sounds.

Play a Game

Give your children additional practice in matching uppercase and lowercase letters with the hands on fishing game.

Do you love these Letter T Alphabet Worksheets?

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Letter T Free printable alphabet worksheets
Free printable letter T alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
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